I write Vers Two – Founder of the RTS crew based out of Vancouver, Canada. I started in the year 2000 when I was 13 years old.

I’m obsessed with all aspects of Graffiti, from tagging, hitting rooftops, grilling trains and walls to the legends who write things in shit house stalls. Haha!

I went all city in my twenties with Lake muthafuckin One, we were out to catch wreck! The buff was vicious back in those days but we got over. “Mark 4” and “Ice” inspired me to get good spots and lots of them. Shout outs to “Toks” and “Smurf” from the retards with cans crew.

I enjoy the stress-free process of painting without a sketch and being spontaneous and quick, less time to think tends to help my letters flow. I love to just through those fuckin lines, then get techie with the science. Gotta love them whips and dips naaawwwsayyinnn. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have plenty of sit-downs and sketch sessions with (Rest in Peace) King Krews AA BA KSN also Girl 23 in the beginning. They schooled me up, taught me trade secrets of their style game. Since then my crewmate Soy Two/Mr.Soyer/Rofe and I have painted all over the world with some of the best.

If you’re reading this, you’re still alive on this spinning rock in outer space… graffiti is fun, don’t get killed over it. Do what makes YOU happy. Fuck all the bullshit, stay healthy, remember the history, and look forward to the good times ahead. Peace

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