Cheap Copic markers: the best Copic marker set offers available now

Finding deals on cheap Copic markers isn’t easy, but as we approach the Black Friday sales (and subsequent holiday sales that follow) you’ll likely start to see some bargains cropping up online. This is good news for both pro and movie artists alike, as Copic marker pens are beloved products in the world of illustration, considered to be the best product on the market for its category. 

This isn’t without merit – these professional-quality markers are held in high regard thanks to their smooth application, color range and the fact that, unlike cheap markers, you can refill them. There are several ranges of Copic markers to choose from, each with different price ranges and nib options (yes, you can change the nib style!).

If you’ve seen a traditionally made comic book or manga then chances are these were colored using Copic markers, a testament to their use in the art industry and one of many reasons why they’re usually so in demand. Professionals love them for their smooth application, as well as how well the colors blend together and their resistance to bleeding.

This also contributes to how expensive they are though, which is why seasonal sales like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale are the ideal time to buy them. With a single pen often selling for $8 / £10, Copic Markers can be eye-wateringly expensive when purchased at full price. 

If you have deep pockets though, they’re well worth the investment, and for those of you looking to save a few pennies, We’ll be updating this page continually in the lead-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021, bringing you all the best deals on Copic marker pens and sets from all the biggest and best retailers. You can scroll down right now to see what’s on offer, or bookmark the page and check back later to see a refreshed list of the latest deals. 

Cheap Copic markers: what to look for

The best savings on Copic markers will be on sets and bundles rather than individual pens. This doesn’t mean you won’t find the occasional deal, but if you don’t have a collection yet, look for multipacks to make the biggest savings.

Deals on ink refills are rare, but not impossible to find, and even then the savings tend to be rather meager. There aren’t too many offers live this early if you’re looking for Black Friday deals, but you can check below for the best Cheap Copic marker deals in your region right now.

Cheap Copic marker retailers: US

  • Amazon: Cheap Copic marker deals pop up often here
  • Walmart: This retailer regularly stocks Copic markers at a small discount
  • Michaels: Use code 20MADEBYYOU to save 20%

Cheap Copic marker retailers: UK

  • Amazon: You can often find deals on this e-commerce giant
  • CassArt: Typically sells a wide range of cheap Copic markers under RRP
  • Graff City: Another great retailer for keeping costs low

The best cheap Copic Marker deals

Cheap Copic markers available now: US

Cheap Copic markers available now: UK

Cheap Copic markers: the best deals right now

While it’s unlikely that the links below will have any deals running this early, were recommend you bookmark them and check back regularly to beat the crowds when the discounts and sales do start to appear.

What are Copic Markers?

Copic is a Japanese brand of alcohol-based art markers developed with Manga artists in mind, though their popularity quickly took off in other regions. Now, they’re some of the most highly prized illustration products on the market, available in 358 different colors and three different types of markers – Original, Sketch and Ciao.

Copic Original, as the name might suggest, is the original marker pen developed by Copic. Its chunky, square-barreled shape holds the most ink of the three and is double-ended, and there are 9-compatible nib options to switch between. The trade-off is that only 214 colors are available for the Original range, and they tend to be used by hobbyists more than professional artists.

Copic Sketch: This is the go-to marker for industry pros, with the full range of 358 colors to choose from. The oval-barreled shape is slimmer, holding less ink than the Original, and only one nib option is available if you wanted to switch either the standard broad tip or brush tip that they come with.

Copic Ciao is the last product in the Copic marker family. Noticeably slimmer than its siblings, this entry-level pen is lower quality and only available in 156 colors, but comes with child-safe lids and is typically far more affordable than both the Original and Sketch ranges.

Why are Copic markers so expensive?

A lot of professional quality art equipment is pricey – you get what you pay for as the saying goes, and Copic Markers are no different. There’s really nothing that competes against them for performance and longevity, and as they’re alcohol-based, refillable and non-toxic, they can be an investment that lasts for many years if cared for correctly.

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