Anyway, here’s a video of a cat reacting to an optical illusion

We’ve shared plenty of incredible optical illusions here at Creative Bloq, branding them everything from mind-boggling to brain-frying. Well, today we’re not quite sharing an optical illusion, but something even better – videos of cats reacting to them. Because who doesn’t love a video of a cat having its mind and/or brain boggled and/or fried?

A TikTok video has gone viral in which a simple optical illusion is placed in front of a cat. And it seems to reveal that cats are just like us – that is, their eyes can deceive them into thinking something that definitely isn’t moving is definitely moving. (Fancy some of what the cat’s having? Check out the best optical illusions of all time.)


try this on your pets and duet me 😻🤣 #catsoftiktok #catvideos #funny #fyp #foryou #opticalillusions

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Now, we’ve never been so blown away by an optical illusion that we’ve tried to attack it, but hey – that’s cats for you. But the footage of this cat leaping towards what it probably sees as a set of moving circles seems to prove that cats are just as capable of falling for an illusion as silly old humans. 

And, believe it or not, this isn’t the only cat/optical illusion mashup to capture the internet’s attention. Last month, a similar clip (below) featuring a cat attacking what looks like the same optical illusion went wild on Reddit. “Monkeys, cats, and fish can all see some motion in optical illusions as shown in some recent studies,” explains one helpful Redditor. 

the_reaction_of_the_cat_on_the_optical_illusion from r/youseeingthisshit

So, there we have it – cats are just as susceptible to the mind-blowing effects of optical illusions as we are. You’re welcome. From From retro head-spinners to brand new colours, we’ve seen some truly incredible illusions lately. If you fancy creating your own, take a look at the best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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