Sonicware Intros Liven Bass & Beats Groovebox

Sonicware has introduced Liven Bass & Beats, a “wavetable bass synthesizer and rhythm machine”.

It’s designed to be a powerful portable groovebox that can be used in your studio or standalone, with battery power and a built-in speaker.

The bass synth engine includes:

  • Two independent Wavetable oscillators with the 32 available wavetables.
  • One sub-oscillator
  • One noise generator which can create 10 different noise types.

Other features include built-in LFO, envelope generator, unison control, multi-mode filter, and distortion effects.

64+ bass presets include standards like Reese Bass, Future Bounce Bass, Wobble Bass, Growl Bass, Neuro Bass, Deep House Bass, Acid Bass, 808 Sub Bass and more.

The Liven Bass & Beats is also loaded with 150 rhythm sounds. The library of drum sounds also includes risers and tension release FX for creating transition effects. The drum sounds are organized into kits for specific genres such as dubstep, house, hiphop, trap and techno. You can also mix and match sounds from the drum library to create your own custom kits.

The Liven Bass & Beats also offers features tailored to live performance, including 16 physical control knobs, parameter locking for each sequencer step, and SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT connectors.

Pricing and Availability

The Liven Bass & Beats is available to pre-order for $199 USD, with pre-orders expected to ship in February 2022.