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Shine NSF

Ayyeeee.. What up doe, I write Shine NSF… previously wrote on shit using the nom de plume of Dusk, and my rap name is Uncle Spaceman. I caught my first paint tag Halloween night 1995, had a flick in print on the front page (anti-graff article) of a local newspaper in 97, and painted my first freight train January 25th 1999 at age 15… Born and bred by Baltimore, Maryland.. I’ve been in Detroit, Michigan since 2016.
Back in the beginning I was influenced by what I saw the most, and what I had to explore to find… like treasure or some shit. B-more had the most crazy original wild styles.. our own handstyles, and in the 90’s the buff was non-fucking-existent.. kinda how it is now. I’d list off the names of my favorite style writers, but I’d be here all day and still forget people I shouldn’t… besides at this point I’m crew with 98% of em and friends with the rest. That being the NSF, KSW, GG, and Orphans clique’s… Honestly when your in a tight knit crew with so many dope writers at some point it becomes this massive soup of style just oozing out and boiling over the edges that you can draw as many cups of secrets, tricks, flips, and drips that one would never have to look elsewhere for inspiration.
Soviet dubbed my style “Styledelic” (Sti-le-delic)… Combining east coast bar structure, connections, and methods of applying paint with the animated psychedelic flow of the translucent dulled-out Neon Spinning Fractals that fly out of my 3rd eye when I look hard enough… That plus nature, the style of the peace I paint is always dependent on the type of day I’m having and the surroundings I’m in because I don’t use sketches. I mean in the past 25 years of scribbling on shit I’ve only painted off of a sketch 5 times… 6 if you count combining letters together from a handful of random sketches… those were all for different reasons, a Curve sketch, an Enue sketch, a Vandel sketch he did that Cedar, Later, Rezist and I painted at a jam, a production in 99’, most recently the Dusk featured in your “Baltimore Walls” section, and the combination of sketches is the B&W Shine peace below… The homies pretty much forced me to use a sketch on those last two. NOT to say I don’t sketch and retain the ideas tho… I burn thru recycled blackbooks.. even do a bit of ‘fine’ art. I just became conditioned at an early age to freestyle because 90% of what I painted was freight trains… and although I have friends that use sketches on trains now, when I was brought up we did not have smartphones and we painted at night unless it was a Sunday…
Now-a-days doe my approach to this thing of ours is quite a bit different. It’s looser than ever, sporadic, and comes in waves of destruction. And tho I’ll never take a break, or end up on the inactive roster of my crews, I am spending most of my creative ooze on making Hip-Hop records, and breeding exotic cannabis strains with my fiance Mary Jones…
Shout to all my G’s, my first and longest spray patna T.Sek coming outta retirement.. and all my rowdy angels Raging In Paradise… Vandel, Acne, Agent, Kaps, Dyst, Tre, MFone, Vick, Geeks, & Zyre…
Spray yo life away… Don’t be a toy & Don’t bite…

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