AudioThing Texture Granular Reverb Is FREE For BPB Readers (Happy Halloween 🎃)

AudioThing offers the Texture (€19 retail price) granular reverb plugin as an exclusive FREE download for Bedroom Producers Blog readers this Halloween.

You can sign up today to get your free copy of AudioThing Texture on Halloween. Read more about the plugin below and scroll to the bottom of the article to sign up for your free copy (please read the instructions carefully).

This is a limited-time offer that expires in 48 hours! Happy Halloween! 🎃

AudioThing Texture – Overview

Texture is a granular reverb plugin with pitch shifting and mid/side processing capabilities. It is perfect for generating drones, soundscapes, and huge cinematic textures in just a few clicks.

Sound designers will love AudioThing Texture’s ability to quickly transform and reshape the audio signal. You can use it to add depth to existing sounds or go completely over-the-top and create completely new sonic shapes and atmospheres.

Here's a closer look at Texture's user interface.

Here’s a closer look at Texture’s user interface.

The mid/side processing lets you apply the granular pitch shifting effect to the Side signal while attenuating the Mid signal. The result is a wider stereo image with a unique texture and depth.

The interface features two main control knobs (Mix and Balance), two buttons (Mid/Side and Diffusion), and a Pitch control knob. The controls are self-explanatory and the plugin is easy to use.

You can hear AudioThing Texture in action in the demo video embedded below.

Here’s how AudioThing describes the plugin:

“Texture can transform any sound into an ambient soundscape, or add that drone vibe to your tracks. This plugin was inspired by the techniques used in the soundtrack and sound design of the award-winning indie game The Swapper.”

Texture typically sells for €19 in AudioThing’s online store, but you can get it for FREE for a limited time only, exclusively at Bedroom Producers Blog.

More info: AudioThing Texture (sign up below to get Texture for FREE on Halloween)

About AudioThing

AudioThing develops inspiring audio effects and virtual instruments. The company was founded in April 2011 by composer, sound designer, and programmer Carlo Castellano, and has been producing and developing audio products since then.

We highly recommend AudioThing’s analog-inspired plugins like Outer Space (a faithful emulation plugin of the Space Echo), Wires (an accurately modeled and enhanced 1970s Soviet wire recorder), Springs (a collection of vintage spring reverbs), and others.

We reviewed AudioThing’s excellent Reels and Frostbite 2 plugins.

Get AudioThing Texture for FREE! 🎁

To sign up for your free AudioThing Texture license, click the teal “SIGN UP” button below and complete the checkout process. You can register until Sunday morning.

We will deliver your FREE license on Halloween. The license can be used to activate the plugin on up to three computers—no internet connection is required to activate.


  1. Please double-check (and triple-check) your email address when signing up. I always receive at least a dozen emails from readers who didn’t get their license and it turns out there was a typo when they signed up (,, and are some common examples).
  2. Please whitelist [email protected] in your email account. I will use Sendowl to deliver the licenses and this will prevent the email from bouncing or being registered as spam.
  3. Your free AudioThing Texture license will be delivered on October 31st, 2021.
  4. You will need to activate the license code before November 7th, 2021.

Thank you for reading BPB and happy Halloween! ❤️

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