Eartune Fidelity ear tips bring a custom fit to AirPods Pro

Although there are custom-fit earbuds that are molded to individual users’ ear canals, Apple’s well-regarded AirPods Pro are not among them. Electronics startup ADV.SOUND has set out to address that situation, with its aftermarket Eartune Fidelity ear tips.

Buyers will initially be sent a Self Precision Ear-impression Kit (or SPEK), which they use to create an impression of the outer end of each of their ear canals.

The impressions are then returned to the company, which scans them to create three-dimensional computer models. Those models are utilized to 3D-print a set of molds, which are in turn used to produce a pair of injection-molded medical-grade silicone ear tips. The custom tips are then shipped back to the customer, who pops them onto their AirPods.

The Eartune Fidelity ear tips are being offered in a variety of colors
The Eartune Fidelity ear tips are being offered in a variety of colors


According to the designers, the ear tips provide a secure and comfortable fit, they boost sound isolation and bass response, and they don’t affect the functionality of the AirPods’ built-in sensors. Additionally, because the client’s ear canal models are kept on file, they can subsequently order other products – such as noise-blocking earplugs – without having to make new impressions.

Should you be interested, the Eartune Fidelity ear tips are presently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming they reach production, a pledge of US$159 will get you a set. We’re told that a slightly different-looking version of them is also compatible with the new third-generation AirPods.

There’s more information in the video below.

ADV. Eartune Fidelity – Custom-fit Ear Tips for AirPods Pro

Source: Kickstarter