Rossum Electro-Music Bringing Back The Classic E-Mu SP-1200 Sampler

There has not been an official announcement yet, but it looks like Rossum Electro-Music is planning to reintroduce the classic E-Mu SP-1200 drum machine and percussion sampler.

Rossum Electro-Music’s Dave Rossum was one of the founders of E-Mu, and last year introduced the 35th Anniversary SP-1200 Renovation – a limited edition of rebuilt SP-1200s, with updated software to support SD cards, along with other new features and updates.

Now, Rossum Electro-Music is teasing a Wednesday, November 3rd product announcement, with the catch phrase “Serious Repercussions”.  In the last few days, DJ Lethal has also shared images of a Rossum SP-1200.

The original SP-1200 was introduced in the ’80s and has been a favorite with producers since. Though they were made for an incredible 20 years, there’s still more demand than supply, with average used prices pushing towards $7,000 and up:

Pre-orders will open Wednesday, November 3rd at 10:00 AM PDT. See the Rossum site for details.

via Andreas Markusen