Rhodes mk8 Electric Piano Now In Production, Available To Pre-Order

Rhodes Music has launched pre-orders for the new Rhodes mk8 electric piano, which they say offers “The ultimate in Rhodes sound and feel”.

The company says that their goal is to create the best version of a Rhodes piano ever made. To do this, they’re returning to the aesthetic and craftsmanship of the original, but updating the design to create an ideal Rhodes.

According to the company, the mk8 offers considerable improvements in tone, touch, intonation and dynamics. All critical components – including tines, pickups, dampers and pedal mechanism – have been redesigned, using the best materials and manufacturing techniques now available.

The Rhodes mk8 features an updated analog preamp, with parametric EQ, independent drive, envelope control, wah, new vari-pan with 4 waveshapes, audio rate modulation capabilities and dual expression pedal control inputs. An option is also available for built-in effects, with a VCA analog compressor and low noise analog stereo bucket brigade effects: chorus, phaser and delay.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Rhodes mk8 is being built to order in limited quantities. Customization options include hood color, bottom shell finish, front panel color, the FX panel option, pre-amp panel color and the optional stand. Production in the next year is expected to be limited to 500 keyboards. Pre-orders are currently open if you’ve registered at the site, with pricing starting at $9,450.