Spitfire’s Weekend at Burnies Article

Spitfire Wheels Weekend at Burnies Article Header Pedro Delfino Invert Burnside Joe Brook DZPedro with his hand on the pulse of three decades at Burnside, frontside invert

The Spitfire team made the pilgrimage up to Burnside for a weekend of fast lines and good times under the bridge. After three decades, the park is still the blueprint for every DIY that followed—the one that set the gold standard for how skater-first projects should be. Even with the DLX van being stolen from its homebase in The Bay, you couldn’t stop the guys from hauling up to Portland’s hallowed and soggy ground. So Spitfire captain John Alden got the keys to Big Blue, loaded it up with some of skateboarding’s heaviest artillery and headed north. The team spent two days skating with the BBQ fired up and plenty of cold drinks to keep the session lit. They also wanted to pay their respect to the blood, sweat and beers that have been poured into Burnside since its inception.

Peep every air and invert then start planning your own trip up

Grant Taylor backside 360 Joe Brook DZGT is all gas and no brakes—backside 270 over the hip through airbrushed clouds

Spitfire Wheels Mason SIlva gap to lipslide Joe brook DZMason puts his SOTY powers to use with an upstream gap to lipslide

Spitfire Wheels Raney Beres invert to fakie Burnside Joe brook DZRaney will get upside down in any pit at anytime—invert to fakie

Spitfire Wheels Simon Bannerot Bunside Ceiling Bash Joe Brook DZSimon Bannerot slashed himself into a tight spot. He even rang his dome on the top

Spitfire Wheels Ronnie Sandoval eggplant Burnside Joe Brook DZRonnie flipped his eggs on the big skillet. Thought he wouldn’t?!

Tony Trujillo Alley Oop Late Shove BurnsideTNT unveils a new one for the crew—alley-oop late shove

Spitfire Wheels Simon Bannerot good buddy Burnside Joe Brook DZSimon gives a nod to Neil and plants a Good Buddy in the big bowl

Simon Bannerot Ollie 540 BurnsideSimon, 540 O on a cement wave

pedro ollie in off truck brook DZPsychodro pays homage to the one and only John Cardiel with an ollie in off the truck trailer

grant taylor kickflip brook DZGT goes where eagles dare—frontside flip on the big wall

hammeke mural brook DZHad to pay our respects to our guy Hambone on the way out. RIP, Joe

On top of frequenting the park for years, Spitfire recently made a Burnside collection of wheels and shirts with proceeds going to fund future builds—as a real DIY is always under construction. Thanks, Red, Marty, Sage and countless others who have put in some major work over the past 31 years to put Burnside on the map as the greatest DIY concrete destination in the world.