The best PS5 deals available right now

If you’re looking for the best PS5 deals out there, then you’ve come to the right place. With Black Friday 2021 coming soon, and Christmas following not long after, you may be on the hunt for a new PlayStation 5.

While there are PS5 deals to be had, we do have a bit of bad news. The PS5 remains extremely in demand, and coupled with the global chip shortage, it’s meant that the PS5 remains very hard to get hold of.

Even almost a year after its launch, this scarcity has meant that there’s been no major price cuts for the console, and that’s going to remain the case for the next few months at least.

So, what kind of PS5 deals can we expect? While you’re unlikely to find the PS5 on its own for less than its RRP, some retailers will offer bundled games and peripherals as part of the deal in a bid to get you to buy for them.

Still, PS5 deals can be hard to track down, so to make things easier, we’ll list all the best offers we can find right here. Check out our PS5 stock tracker for more news on when PS5s are likely to hit store shelves. And if you’re looking for more of the best Black Friday 2001 deals, we’ve got you covered. 

Will there be Black Friday PS5 deals?

As we mentioned earlier, Black Friday is fast approaching. It lands on November 26, but does that mean we’re likely to see PS5 Black Friday deals then as well?

It all depends on the stock situation. If retailers have PS5 consoles in stock, then we could see some pretty good deals, as online stores fight with each other to stand out during Black Friday.

This won’t mean big price cuts for the PS5, but could result in some really tempting bundles that pack in games and peripherals, which could end up saving you a decent amount of money anyway.

However, if stock remains low – or none existent – then the sad reality is that there won’t be any PS5 deals, and any that do go live over Black Friday will likely sell out extremely fast.

If that happens, don’t be too dispirited, as the stock situation will eventually get better, and when that happens, PS5 deals should start coming thick and fast.

Which retailers offer PS5 deals?

When the PS5 is in stock, there are certain retailers that will offer deals and bundles of Sony’s latest console. These are the online stores you should check first:



What PS5 model should you buy?

The PS5 actually comes in two models, the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, and both of these will have different deals.

While they are both essentially the same console, offering the same level of performance, the PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t come with a disc reader. Instead, it plays digital games that you download from the PSN Store.

This means the PS5 Digital Edition also cannot play 4K Blu-rays, so bear that in mind when choosing which one to go for. However, the PS5 Digital Edition is $100/£100 cheaper than the standard version. This makes it a lot more affordable, and could mean there are more impressive PS5 deals available for this model.

However, digital game prices are often more expensive, and you can’t buy second-hand games, which could mean the Digital Edition ends up being the more expensive choice in the long run. However, a PS Plus Membership offers free games every month to play while you’re subscribed, which can make things less pricey.

The best PS5 deals

Here you’ll find the best PS5 deals as they go online. As stock is so low, they may sell out quickly, so be fast!

The best PS5 accessory deals

We’re now seeing an increase of PS5 accessory deals as well, which can save you money on extras such as additional DualSense controllers and Sony’s Pulse 3D Wireless headset.

The best PS5 game deals