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Bedroom Producers Blog offers the Orchestral Percussion (€99.99 retail price) sound library by IK Multimedia as an exclusive FREE download on November 8th, 2021.

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Orchestral Percussion – Overview

Orchestral Percussion is a realistic percussion sound library for Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank 4 Custom Shop (freeware). The latter is completely free when you sign up for an IK Multimedia user account.

IK Multimedia sampled a variety of percussive instruments for the Orchestral Percussion library. The list includes timpani, an orchestral bass drum, symphonic chau gongs, piatti cymbals, three different classical snare drums, sleighbells, tambourines, triangles, castanets, and more.

The instruments were performed by Greg Ellis, a master percussionist known for his work on countless Hollywood blockbuster films.

Orchestral Percussion features several timpani drums with gentle stereo panning and numerous articulations (soft mallet, hard mallet, rolls, crescendos, etc.). The timpani was recorded at a top Hollywood studio using Neumann microphones placed at mid-front and overhead positions.

All instruments are sampled with multiple velocity layers and round-robin variations to ensure natural-sounding playback. You can quickly sequence the percussion in your DAW to achieve authentic rolls and crescendos without the “machine gun effect.”

In addition to the sample content, Orchestral Percussion includes over 100 MIDI patterns and over 400 audio loops covering a variety of advanced dynamic performances that are difficult to perform or sequence via MIDI. You can drag and drop these files into your DAW for easy access and additional editing.

Orchestral Percussion is fully compatible with Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank Custom Shop. You can download the SampleTank Custom Shop for free via IK Multimedia.

The library samples 48 instruments with 1,822 individual samples, 102 MIDI patterns, 411 audio loops, and 3 GB of audio content.

Orchestral Percussion – Who is it for?

For any type of cinematic soundtrack or movie trailer, you obviously need epic-sounding orchestral percussion. That’s where a library like this one is a must-have (along with some quality sound effects).

However, IK Multimedia Orchestral Percussion is also useful for modern EDM tunes, pop music, hip-hop, and more.

The library covers a wide range of percussion instruments, from orchestral timpani (ideal for dramatic movie trailers and soundtracks) to snares, cymbals, bells, and other percussive sounds that will perfectly fit almost any music style.

Orchestral Percussion – FREE download! 🥁

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