Dub-SPL4 Is A FREE 4-Band Splitter Plugin By Sound Fingers

Sound Fingers has launched a new 4-band splitter VST plugin called the Dub-SPL4. The plugin is completely FREE, and all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter to download it.

The Dub-SPL4 was designed with live performances in mind, but it works just as well for studio applications. A 4-band splitter’s functionality is simple and self-explanatory, but this particular plugin’s highlight is its simplicity and ease of use.

There’s no need for an hour-long tutorial on how to get the plugin working. Just download it from the Sound Fingers website and install it.

Dub-SPL4 is available for both 64-bit Windows and macOS in the VST3 and AU formats. Unfortunately, there are no VST2 or AAX versions yet, but the developer plans to release an AAX format for ProTools users soon.

The plugin allows you to split and separate your audio into four parts based on the frequency of the sounds:

  • Sub – Below 70Hz
  • Low – 70-600Hz
  • Medium – 600Hz-3KHz
  • High – Above 3KHz

The knobs allow you to quickly control the volume of each of the four bands independently. You can also switch each band on and off with the flip of a switch. The kill switch below the volume knobs of the four bands instantly cuts the corresponding band’s frequencies.

There is also a Low Pass (LP) and a High Pass (HP) filter. The resonance control allows you to set a Hi-Q for more precise cuts or a low Q for more rounded cuts.

The Dub-SPL4 also features ‘MIDI Learn,’ making it possible to control every aspect of it from your MIDI controller, live. This does depend on your DAW, though. I tested it with Reaper, and it worked perfectly.

With an installation size of just 10 MB, the plugin is tiny. The interface is neat and clean, with large knobs that have a brushed aluminum look. And the performance is well-optimized, with no lag.

Though this splitter was designed for dub, it’s useful for practically any genre, including Techno, Hip-Hop, Electro, or anything else that fits your fancy.

There are a lot of use cases for this plugin – you could use it on a master bus during live performances, or you can even use it during mixing to hear isolated frequency bands. You could drop the bass from a guitar track or cut the high-end from a bass.

Sound Fingers may be an indie music developer, but they’ve already released a great collection of VST instruments and libraries – both paid and free. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can also download the Dub Siren Si-007 and SolidSub Kontakt libraries for free!

Download: Dub-SPL4 (64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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