Strymon Intros StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator For Eurorack

Strymon has introduced StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator, a modular reverb effect in Eurorack format.

The module can create lush reverbs; add chorus, flanging and modulated delays; act as a synth voice with Karplus-Strong string synthesis; and more.


  • Three selectable reverb types for a wide variety of ambient textures
  • DELAY/KARPLUS section with feedback
  • Delay assignable to output for mod/verb and delay/verb effects
  • Four-octave Karplus-Strong string synthesis mode with damping control for string/verb full voice capability
  • LFO section with various waveforms to modulate delay time, reverb size, or tone filters
  • FILTER section to sculpt the high and low EQ of the reverb and DELAY/KARPLUS section
  • HARMONICS section to enhance the aural spectrum of the reverb
  • Adjustable SHIMMER for adding pitch shifting of up to +/- 1 octave to the reverb
  • GLIMMER for dynamic enhancement of harmonics
  • Adjustable reverb core size to increase or decrease the space for reflections, allowing for pitch control of the
  • regenerating reverb content
  • 4-pole 24dB/octave variable resonance low pass filter
  • INFINITE freezes the input audio prior to the reverb tank
  • Independent WET and DRY level controls

Here’s an in-depth demo from sound designer Pete Celi:

Video Chapters:

00:00 What is StarLab?
00:27 Control Layout
01:00 Sparse Reverb Texture
02:42 Size/Pitch Control
03:54 Dense Reverb Texture
05:06 Diffuse Reverb Texture
06:18 Infinite Button
07:03 Filter Section
08:18 Low Pass Filter Q
08:59 Harmonics Section
10:03 Shimmer Interval
10:50 Regenerating Shimmer
12:00 Glimmer
13:12 Expanded Pre-delay
14:55 Echo Feedback
16:09 Tap/Trigger CV Input
17:22 Input Gain
18:20 LFO Target: Delay (Mod Effects)
19:23 Externally Clocked Delay + Mod
20:05 LFO Target: Pitch
20:59 Size/Pitch Quantize
22:09 LFO Target: Filter
23:21 LFO Shape: Envelope
24:13 Karplus-Strong String Synthesis
25:59 LFO in Karplus Mode
27:17 CV Tuning in Karplus Mode
27:54 String Damping
29:06 Fine Tune
29:41 Karplus Mode LFO Target: Filter
30:43 Portamento (Glide)
31:25 Karplus with Input
32:12 Tuned Infinite Voice
33:02 Onboard Favorites

Pricing and Availability

The Strymon StarLab is available now for $649 USD.