Free Bitwig Studio Update Adds 8 New Note Effects

Bitwig Studio has received a free update, adding 8 new note effects and more.

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 4.1:

  • New Note FX devices:
    • Bend
    • Dribble
    • Humanize
    • Note Repeats
    • Quantize
    • Randomize
    • Ricochet
    • Strum
  • Updated Note FX devices:
    • Multi-note
    • Note Length
    • Note Filter
  • Updated Instrument: Sampler
  • New Color Palettes
  • Direct MIDI output is now available from all track choosers
  • All detected ports are shown in the Note Outputs section
  • The HW Instrument device is still available when you need delay compensation

See the Bitwig site for details.