iZotope Holiday Bundles @ Plugin Boutique (95% OFF)

Plugin Boutique offers huge Black Friday discounts on iZotope Holiday Bundles.

There are three Holiday Bundles; Gold ($49), Platinum ($99), and Diamond ($149) Editions. Beyond those, there are many individual purchase and upgrade offers with up to 95% off.

To give you an example of the value on offer, the Holiday Bundle Gold Edition ($49) would cost £1,153 if bought individually at full retail price, saving you £1,111.

If you are reading this and thinking, does it really save me over £1000? You’re probably not alone.

The answer is as confusing as the end of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, in the sense that yes it does, and no, it doesn’t.

If we go purely on the full retail price, then it does. However, some bundled products are already heavily discounted on Plugin Boutique and elsewhere, which means we could source them individually for less than the listed £1,153.

Like the end of Inception, we just shouldn’t care; the main character gets what he wants, and so do we.

There are only three questions that matter:

  • Can we get the same iZotope software bundle for less than £41.99?No.
  • Are we saving significant amounts of money on some outstanding plugins?Yes.
  • As great as DiCaprio is, does he ever look like he isn’t acting?Not really.

Ok, the last one doesn’t matter. The reason for my lengthy explanation is that some people see what they consider to be an exaggerated discount and instantly dismiss the offer. In my opinion, these are definitely worth a look, or you could miss out on an excellent deal.

There are too many plugins to detail them all, but bundles include things like the Elements Suite (£171 value), Iris 2, Trash 2, Ozone 9 Standard, and more. Exponential Audio plugins like Phoenix Verb, Excalibur, and R2 Stereo are on offer, too.

We recently covered Excalibur and R2 Stereo, both of which have lots of very happy users.

If, like me, you already own some of the bundled plugins, individual buys or upgrades might be more fitting. Otherwise, there’s value for money and countless hours of parameter-tweaking in all three bundles.

Don’t forget you can combine any deal mentioned here with the current FREE with any purchase offer (PUNISH Lite, LEVELS, AAS Player + Sound Bank, or Autoformer) at Plugin Boutique.

I like iZotope products, and I love Plugin Boutique for consistently putting together great offers.

But, let’s be clear, most of us don’t save any money; we just buy more plugins, and I’m not complaining.

More info: iZotope Sale / Gold Bundle ($49) / Platinum Bundle ($99)/ Diamond Bundle ($149)

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