New Roland JD-08 Recreates JD-800 Synthesizer In Boutique Form Factor

Roland today introduced JD-08 Sound Module, a recreation of the original Roland JD-800 in their compact ‘Boutique’ form-factor.

The JD-08 includes 64 presets from the original, and recreates the four-tone structure, 108 waveforms, and unique two-part multi-effects behind the original JD-800’s sound. It also features a condensed version of the hands-on JD-800 control panel, giving you a wide range of sliders, buttons, and knobs for direct control.

The JD-08 features a built-in USB-C audio/MIDI interface for working with computer production software, along with full-size MIDI I/O for connecting with other MIDI hardware. An external clock input is also available on each unit, allowing users to drive the onboard sequencer and arpeggiator from vintage analog instruments and modern Eurorack systems.

Like all Roland Boutique modules, the JD-08 can run on USB bus power or batteries. It also includes a built-in speaker for mobile sound monitoring. And when mounted in the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit, the JD-08 can be used as a compact, all-in-one synth with 25 velocity-sensitive keys.


  • Four-part tone structure, multi-phase time variant envelopes, and palette sliders
  • Includes the original 64 presets plus 21 new presets
  • Detailed recreation of the JD-800’s unique two-stage multi-effects section
  • Editable distortion, phaser, spectrum, enhancer, delay, chorus, and reverb
  • 64-step, two-part polyphonic sequencer with random pattern generator
  • Onboard arpeggiator
  • Two-part multitimbral with expanded polyphony
  • EXT CLOCK IN to drive the internal sequencer and arpeggiator

Availability & Pricing

The Roland JD-08 Sound Module will be available in the U.S. in January 2022 for $399.99 USD.