Where to buy Nintendo Switch online in November 2021

Where to buy Nintendo Switch online is the question on everyone’s minds right now. In the midst of global supply chain issues, including a worldwide chip shortage, Nintendo has announced it will cut production of the Switch by 20%. So whether you’re looking for the new Nintendo Switch OLED, a Nintendo Switch Lite or the original Nintendo Switch, you may be struggling to order one in time for Christmas.

Don’t worry, though: there are still plenty of retailers selling the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, and you’ll find the best deals below. (For the new model, meanwhile, see our guide to the latest Nintendo Switch OLED restock – Very and Walmart have stock right now).

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a cat and mouse game: after each retailer restocks, it doesn’t usually take long before they sell out again. So the question “where to buy Nintendo Switch online” doesn’t have a clear answer – you might have to click on quite a few links before you hit gold. On the plus side, you might even get a discount, as there are some good Nintendo Switch deals out there too!

When checking retailer stock, bear in mind the retail price of each console – a Nintendo Switch: $299.99/£259, Nintendo Switch Lite: $199.99/£199 and Switch OLED $349.99/£309. You shouldn’t be paying any more than this for a standalone console, so watch out for any markups. Read on for where to buy Nintendo Switch online right now, wherever you are in the world. 

Below are the retailers in the US and UK that sell Nintendo Switch consoles, and the current stock situation (as of 10 November):

Where to buy Nintendo Switch online

Where to buy Nintendo Switch online in the US

Where to buy Nintendo Switch online in the UK

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite online

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite online in the US

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite in the UK

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED

Launched last month, the Nintendo Switch OLED is the very latest model of the Nintendo Switch. Like the original Nintendo Switch, you can play games on it directly, or plug it into your TV via a dock. But it improves on the basic model in a number of ways, sporting a larger (7 inch), brighter and more detailed OLED screen, as well as a better kickstand, higher quality audio and an improved dock. 

As such this new model is in high demand across the world, and global supply chain issues means it’s not particularly easy to get hold of one right now. You can get a head start, however, by reading our comprehensive guide to where to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch games: the best free and paid-for options

Once you’ve managed to buy a Nintendo Switch, you’ll want to know what the best Nintendo Switch games are. Well, there are a huge variety of great titles available for all three models of Nintendo Switch, covering all genres and ranging from casual to AAA. But if you want somewhere to get started, then Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are all modern classics we’d highly recommend. 

Short of cash? Then great news: there are tons of free games available too. Check out our guide to the best free Nintendo Switch games for the full skinny.

When to expect Nintendo Switch restock 

If you’ve tried all the links above, and everyone’s out of stock of your preferred Nintendo Switch model, then don’t despair. Retailers are constantly restocking to meet rising demand in the runup to Black Friday. So it’s worth checking back every day, or even every hour, to see if things have changed. 

Don’t leave it too long, though, as we’re expecting this to be at the top of many children’s wishlists for Santa this year. And with Christmas approaching, demand is only going to rise further. Best of luck!

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