In the latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look the KORG ARP 2600M, described as a “Genuine ARP 2600 In A More Convenient Size”.

Korg worked with ARP co-founder David Friend, to reintroduce the ARP 2600 as a full-size reissue, which was a limited edition and almost immediately sold out. Korg followed this up with the 2600M, which uses the same analog circuitry and components as the full-size reissue, but in a smaller size. It also includes some updates to make it more compatible with modern workflows, including: plug and play support for Class-Compliant USB MIDI controllers; Pitch-bend, Modulation and Portamento ON/OFF controllable via MIDI CCs and 5V trigger voltage to make it more compatible with modern gear.

Beyond reviewing the Korg ARP 2600M, though, Eliraz explores 26 patch ideas for the 2600M, which should work with original 2600 synths and its various reissues, clones and knockoffs.

Topics covered:

‘0:00 Intro
1:25 Overview
5:05 Analog bitcrush
6:55 LFO as arp
7:35 Preamp relocation
9:35 Modulating depth
11:55 ASR env to AD
12:40 Snappy trig env
13:45 Fourth LFO
14:20 Proper PWM
15:25 More cables
15:50 The two filters
16:50 Filter overload
17:25 High pass filter
19:10 Chords
19:50 Useful dummy
20:10 Duophony
21:30 Mod wheel
22:20 Mod fade in
22:55 Portamento
24:35 More mults
25:10 Patch randomizer
26:15 Explore curves
26:55 Switch 2 to 1
27:45 Switch 1 to 2
28:50 Neg ramp LFO
29:55 Complex LFOs
30:45 Be recording
31:40 Pros & cons
33:55 Outro

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