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• i go by Buge / buges / buger
•rep a four-letter crew BAMC
• from the San Fernando Valley/ Los Angeles
• I’ve been inspired by many things, not just other writers.
I feel like my style is more like yin & yang. It follows the rules of what makes a letter a letter, structure-wise yet it has no rules. Like most work I have seen can fit in a rectangle. Mine is all over the place. The more space you give me the more I stretch it out or over-exaggerate on its kick. And like yin & yang you get the bad and good all in one. So I’m rugged with a hint of a pinky up.
It’s not like an established style. Every time it switches up. I don’t like being comfortable.
I guess my spot selection is a representation of me. I just wanna keep daring myself to take a bigger risk. Life isn’t fun without risk. Most people wanna be comfortable or have a plan. I don’t. If I go with a plan and if it doesn’t go as plan. I failed. So if I never go with a plan I never fail.

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