Stylish standing desk gets huge price cut in early Black Friday deal

If, like us, you now spend more time than ever working from home, you’ll know the importance of quality, ergonomic office furniture. So if you’re looking to upgrade your workspace, you’ll be excited to see this stylish standing desk reduced by a huge $100 at Walmart right now

This is a cracking deal from Walmart considering standing desks are like gold dust at the moment. If you sign up to free 15-day Walmart+ trial, you can find even more amazing Black Friday deals like this happening right now, and get to shop online four hours before everyone else.

If you’re in the UK, there’s a great deal for you too. This Flexispot electric standing desk (a brand that features prominently in our best standing desks guide) is currently reduced by a very decent 17 percent over at Amazon. 

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that the standing desk is going nowhere. In fact, it’s become even more popular since Covid-19 meant much of the world was forced to stay at home and work. Some might even say this time was a (very small) blessing in disguise as it really made many of us sit up (excuse the pun) and pay attention to our wellbeing and health at work. 

There are many different kinds of standing desks, ones like the above that are electric and remove any need for lifting, as well as desk converters for those who like their workspace as it is but would like the option of standing. Whatever you’re after, there are sure to be more Black Friday standing desk deals on the horizon, which we’ll update you with as soon as they arrive. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more stylish and ergonomic office furniture, don’t miss our picks of the best chairs , as well as specifically the best chairs for back pain and best desks (for standing and sitting). 

Not in the US or UK? Here are some great standing desk deals in your area:

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