The names IROCK. THE FUCK. Reporting live from the ghetto by the sea…Venice Beach, California.

I got into graff when I was 11, right before the twin towers were attacked in 2001. That’s actually where the name IROCK comes from. After 9/11 they made us watch BBC news at school & I kept hearing the British news reporter pronounce IRAQ as IROCK and I thought that shit was dope… Talking about BOMBING too, it was over. 🤣

I honestly could not tell you wtf I’d be doing with myself if I didn’t do graffiti. At this point, I have lived more years of my life doing graffiti than NOT doing graffiti. It’s literally my entire identity. Seriously… girls even call me IROCK when I’m fucking them…WhIch is kinda crazy but I love that shit. 🤣

IROCK is me, So I feel like my work and my style kinda reflects my personality. I like to think it says, “ I’m here to party, but I ain’t playin’ games. Yeah, I’m having fun, but i look good & I’m smooth, so I’m leaving with the finest girl here.” 😂

My big homie 4GETS EMT WKT told me, “GRAFFITI IS OUR LIFE. AND OUR LIFE IS GRAFFITI.” And i never forgot that because the more I do it, the more I notice ME in my work…. It’s hard to explain, but I know real writers know what I’m saying.

In the early 2000’s the Venice Walls were jumpin’ every day, so I got to see writers from all over the world come and bust out different styles. Graff wasn’t really on the Internet like that back then (Wait, Except for Bombing Science🤣) & their was no Instagram, so I STAYED at the walls with my blackbook…soaking up game from writers like SERCH(RIP), DASH2000(RIP), NEVER & always watched KRYST, KUB(rip), REK2, & so many more established writers paint. It was a blessing. I also met my boy JANKS at those walls…. and HE HAS STYLE. He’s one of the pioneers of style in West LA and everyone in my age bracket knows it. Painting with him played a huge part in the development of my style when I was younger. Now we are just a deadly ass duo! We hype each other up so much and enjoy challenging ourselves.

Painting with KEEP UND (rip) AND PEMEX LOLC had the most impact on my work though. They showed me how to properly execute spots and motivated me to start dropping burners. I LOVE TAGGING and before then, tags n throws is all I cared about doing but they leveled me up.

I also looked up to other writers like TORO & SUFER MTA. Also, RIME, REVOK,& AUGOR MSK…

COLT45 & ILLS when I was real young. These guys all set the bar in the graff game in different ways. There’s a certain level of style & work put in that basically makes you a “pro” or some shit…And THATS what I’m aiming for.

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