Happy shopping season! It’s the time of year when audio plugin deals are on every producer’s radar.

If you’re making music on a budget, you probably already know about free VSTs and plugin bundle savings.

But this Black Friday there are more deep discounts on paid pro software than ever.

That means it’s time to fill your cart with the plugins you’ve been eyeing all year and take those sweet discounts to the bank.

In this article I’m rounding up the top Black Friday deals to stock your plugin folder.

Let’s get started.

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landr track friday sale

Track Friday is one of LANDR’s best sales of the year. For 2021, it’s all about packaging up the sweetest perks of the whole platform into one great offering. You’ll get 35% off any annual plan including the brand new All Access Pass for the best value ever.

Track Friday is one of LANDR’s best sales of the year

No matter where you’re at in your journey there’s something on offer that will make an impact on your music.

Master your tracks in professional quality and release them to the world with Distribution. Find inspiring sounds with Samples and work better together with Sessions.

This year, the All Access Pass puts it all together for the best of the platform on one subscription. You’ll get unlimited distribution and Sessions video chat along with 3 free WAV masters and 20 free samples credits each month.

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Soundtoys is an industry standard plugin brand with plenty of hits to their name. For example, you’ll find Echoboy and Decapitator all over pro mixes.

While they haven’t released many new plugins lately, Black Friday is a great time to get your hands on some of the classics if you haven’t grabbed them already.

With discounts of up to 70% available, don’t miss your chance!

Waves is another plugin company famous for its enormous discounts.

You’ll find prices so low this Black Friday that you might feel a bit sour if you’ve ever paid full price.

In any case, if you’ve had your eye on any of the excellent Waves plugins, now’s your chance.

Here are my top picks to get this season:

  • J37 Tape Machine—beautiful vintage tape saturation from a one-of-a-kind tape deck
  • SSL G-Master Bus Compressor—great take on the classic mix glue bus comp
  • H-Delay—versatile delay with modulation and grit
  • Reel ADT—unique tape-style chorus, great for fattening up vocals

This one’s more than a plugin—it’s a full DAW.

FL Studio is already one of the most affordable DAW options out there. This discount makes it a downright steal.

The classic beatmaker platform has grown into a full-fledged DAW with great features for music production.

It’s the perfect offer for new producers and anyone interested in switching DAWs to try it out.

On top of that, you’ll get the famous free lifetime upgrades included with your one-time purchase—no expensive upgrades ever!

sweetwater plugin deals

You probably know Sweetwater from its online hardware empire and persistent “sales engineers.”

But did you know they offer plugins too? Well, maybe they’re trying to get your attention with this year’s Black Friday audio plugin deals.

You’ll find huge price drops on popular software like Reason, Eventide’s H9 bundle, Baby Audio and more.

And if you’re really ready to invest you can put together your very own software bundle for extra savings.

Plugin Boutique is another excellent marketplace with seasonal deals on plugins.

You’ll find plenty of big names on offer here with discounts of more than 60% in some cases.

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll certainly find a reason to make one with all the great software available this Black Friday

black rooster audio plugin deals all bundle black friday

Plugin bundles are usually your best bet when it comes to value for money. But the deal gets even sweeter when there’s a discount involved.

Plugin bundles are usually your best bet when it comes to value for money.

This season Black Rooster’s full collection of analog-style mixing plugins are available for just $99.

That’s a very low price for these satisfying mix plugins.

softube black november audio plugin deals

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? How about the whole month of November.

That’s Softube’s approach to seasonal deals on it’s excellent library of plugins.

With new sets discounted every two weeks, you’ll want to check back often to see when your favorites go on sale.

There are too many classic picks to list but the catalogue contains everything from vintage amps and tube gear to modern bass synths and Eurorack modules.

Don’t miss the deals!

ik multimedia black friday sale

IK Multimedia is another respected plugin developer with great audio plugin deals for Black Friday.

From classics like SampleTank, T-RACKs and Amplitube to more modern iOS apps, there’s a lot of cool software here on sale.

If you’ve slept on their offerings in the past it might be time to check them out!

techivation t-de-esser pro on sale

Sometimes paying full price for a plugin that’s a bit less fun and flashy feels like a chore.
That’s why it’s a perfect time to snap up this excellent de-esser plugin from Techivation at 45% off.

If you haven’t used one before, a de-esser helps reduce the distracting effect of sibilance in a vocal track. A good de-esser is a must-have for your VST folder, even if it’s not the most exciting plugin type.

Luckily T-De-Esser Pro is a perfect tool for standard de-essing tasks as well as more creative signal processing.

Black Friday plugin sales

By now we’re all used to holiday shopping kicking off with a bang in November.

But it seems like every year there are more deep discounts and crazy deals on offer.

Luckily for producers, it’s a perfect time to stock up on the tools you need to make better music.

Check out any of the audio plugin deals on this list for quality software to get this season.