I write Paxer One and I have been painting since 2012. I am in SVK and GSOH crews. I am based out of southeast USA but I love to travel and paint new cities. I am inspired by the train and graffiti scenes in cities worldwide and by Atlanta graffiti like the historic Hod crew, Hense and Sever Msk, Totem 2 Tats, Save Network, and so many others. I am also very influenced by my crew mates and friends. Currently some of the writers that I think are stylistically dope are Sabe Fys, Cekios Wtcs, and Dart Enc, just to name a few. I tend to paint quickly, play a lot with colors and fill patterns and I rarely recycle my outlines. I use varying, and often new ideas of how I execute my line work, letter forms, details, patterns and highlights and put them together in various ways kinda like legos. Experimenting with new techniques and methods of painting is very important and I think everyone would benefit from trying entirely new things from time to time. I enjoy all aspects of graffiti from hand styles and bombing to piecing and full productions. My preferred surfaces to paint are virgin walls and trains but I always love a nice chill spot that’s been painted for years and is filled with layers of paint and history.
Graffiti is an amazing lifestyle but it comes with a lot of health hazards and toxic people, be safe stay focused and always have fun!!

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