Sequential Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer – The Best Digital Synth Ever Made?

In his latest video, Espen Kraft takes an in-depth look at the Sequential Prophet VS (Vector Synthesizer) from 1986.

A hybrid synthesizer, the Prophet VS features digital waveforms paired with analog VCFs and VCAs, and offers 8 voices of polyphony, with velocity and after touch.

Here’s what Kraft has to say about the VS:

You make a sound by basically choosing four waveforms, assigning them to the four oscillators (vector points), and then moving the VS’s trademark joystick around freely until you hear something pleasing. Movements, or ‘vectors’ can then be saved, and the sound played back. You can also apply the recorded vector path to another sound altogether and see what happens.

Separate programmable panned voices and a stereo analog chorus completes the output.

It can sound very lush and smooth while at the same time, crude and digital. Often at the same time. Stellar arpeggiating and everything you do, including moving the joystick, goes out MIDI.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the classic Sequential Prophet VS in the comments!