Wesh weshhh ! Eroïk speaking here, how y’all doing?
I’m a french writer from Paris where I discovered and started painting graffiti about 12 years ago.
Now based in London, I spend most of my free time cycling with my bags of paint, ready to add colours to english bricks with my crew LTB and other good friends I’ve met there.

Back in the day I used to take the train every morning to go to school as I was living in the suburbs of the city. I took the line L that goes to Paris Saint Lazare, where all the best writers had to have a piece. Looking through the window to all those pieces was a real trigger and made me want to try doing it too.
Over the years I tried out many names until I found the one that I kept writing till now: EROÏK

Over the years I painted a lot of walls, rooftops, abandoned places, trains, tunnels and railways, and met a lot of nice dudes (I also met a lot of douchbags ahah). 5 years ago my best friends and I founded the 71SI (C’est ainsi / This is it) crew, and kept ourselves busy every weekend, painting crazy blank walls in the suburbs of Paris.

I’d define my style as a pretty classic european style, with simple but efficient and well thought-out letters. The shape of the letters are the most important things to me. Once you’ve got strong letters, you could do any filling and it would work. Talking about filling, I like to use emulsion paint. First because it’s cheap, and second because it covers the walls so much better than a spraycan.

Recently I like using fluorescent colors, I think it really give my pieces something different.
I’m also a big fan of throw ups. Two, three or 5 letters throwies whatever, I love doing them.

I am influenced by a lot of different style and writers these days. Of course Instagram had a big impact on the graffiti culture and gave great visibility to many good writers over the globe. This being said, I really enjoy looking at french writers like the C29 crew, the PX clan or the TER. Of course the Parisian scene is very important to me, with writers like Risot, Sonick, Staze, Ecraz, FD crew, etc…

I guess it’s time for the shout outs now. Can’t mention all the writers that I’d like to thanks but still I’ll give it a good go : ARTIK, CAENO, MAN, ROKIT, AESOP, CUBS, 2GETHA, ORGIE, VASKO, MASKE, SKURO, JIMY, SCRED, TEAZ, GAME, the LTB CREW and the 71SI crew.

Thanks again Bombing Science for this great opportunity. Peace !

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