In his latest video, composer Christian Henson takes a look at creating Blade Runner-style sounds, with the Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream mkII.

The Deckard’s Dream is a modern 8-voice analog synth that’s inspired by the classic Yamaha CS-80 and the Vangelis score of the movie Blade Runner.

Henson describes his video as a “poor mans homage to Vangelis‘ seminal score, from Ridley Scott’s seminal film Blade Runner.” The video focuses on recreating the Blade Runner Brass sound, one of the iconic sounds of synthesis.

Synthesists have been batty about Vangelis’s expressive synth brass sound, since Blade Runner was released in 1982. The sound is so well-known that it’s become a common preset on synths.

But, while you can get close to the sound with a microKorg, a Behringer D or a Little Phatty – the sound is so familiar that recreations tend to have an ‘uncanny valley’ quality. This is in large part because of the unique design of the CS-80. The Deckard’s Dream synth design is close enough that it comes close to nailing the classic CS-80 sound. Here’s an example by sound designer Paul Schilling:

Check out the video and let us know what you think. And, if you’ve got your own ways to get ‘Blade Runner-y” with synths, leave a comment and share your tips!

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