Cedar and Voser

We are Cedar and Voser from Baltimore Maryland. Voser started writing in 2003 and Cedar started shortly after in 2005. The crews we push are KPG, NSF and LB. Cedar also pushes GUK, BA and FH. Our styles are heavily influenced by the Baltimore style masters who came before us but we each bring our own unique interpretations and additions. Some shared sources of inspirations that contribute to our graffiti styles are the endless beauty found in nature, abstract art, psychedelia, and surrealism. Some of our biggest influences are DAVER, MASK, ZEK, AREK and JESER. Baltimore has a rich graffiti history with very unique hand styles and piecing styles. Baltimore also has a great community of writers where the OG’s take time to pass on the tradition and a lot of newer writers want to learn and carry it on. We have been blessed to become friends with and learn from the writers we always looked up to as well as a great community of newer writers who are keeping it going. Kreate Prosper & Grow Non Stop Forever.

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