IK Multimedia Updates Syntronik 2 With 11 New Synths

IK Multimedia has released Syntronik 2, a major update to their virtual synth collection, for macOS & Windows.

The update adds 11 virtual synths, new features and a huge number of new presets. This brings the total number of synths in Synthronik to 33 and the number of presets to over 5,500.

Syntronik 2 features an easy-to-use layering interface, so you can play up to 4 different synthesizer parts at once or create advanced splits. And a new modulation system opens up deep editing options not available on the original hardware synths.

Here’s what’s new in Syntronik 2:

  • 11 new synths based on rare and sought-after models.
  • 3,300 new presets for all 33 synths including the 22 original synths from Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe.
  • New presets use the updated SampleTank 4 engine.
  • All legacy presets and samples included sound identical to Syntronik 1 with our dual-engine architecture.
  • Wave Set Browser lets you choose the sound in each of up to 4 oscillators and 2 suboscillators per preset.
  • New EDIT panel with modulation matrix offers deep editing beyond the capabilities of the original hardware synths.
  • New Step Sequencer in the PLAYER panel for flexible and expressive rhythmic textures.
  • Controller Filters in the MULTI panel let you filter out sustain pedal, pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch for each of the 4 Parts.
  • 33 new effects (71 total effects including the stellar Vintage Plate reverb).
  • Disk streaming lets you load presets faster and can be adjusted to match your drive type.
  • All synths work as libraries inside SampleTank 4 alongside SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Cinekinetik, Electromagnetik, etc.

Check out the intro video, embedded above, for an overview and demo from synthesist & synth designer Erik Norlander.

Pricing and Availability:

Syntronik 2 is available now for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats) with three options, priced starting at $99 USD. Upgrade pricing is available to owners of qualifying IK products, and a free version is also available.