Create Immersive 3D Audio With NovoNotes 3DX ($348)

NovoNotes 3DX is a revolutionary new tool for spatial reproduction and simulation of sound. You can download the 5-minute trial version for free at their website.

While editing your music or sound designing for your new video, directionality is always a challenge. Even if you have the correct samples, the impact of the sound will not be satisfactory if the sound comes from the wrong direction.

In most cases, mediocre stereo sound may be off-putting and confusing for both video and music. 3DX is designed to remedy this, and make the process intuitive.

Most plugins available for spatial reproduction are specific to particular use cases. Hence, you need a group of them to manage everything you may need for your production needs. 3DX, however, has been designed to work regardless of the kind of sample you throw at it. It has multiple different algorithms for different use cases, which it chooses from automatically.

The different algorithms are designed to give maximum audio quality while you adjust the directionality. NovoNotes has ensured that 3DX can do the job of any other similar plugin without sacrificing quality for any particular use case.

The intuitive interface allows you to adjust the source of the sound in a three-dimensional space.

You can put on headphones and observe how a sample of footsteps or a knock on the door can be adjusted to come from exactly where you need it. You could also change the sound of an instrument to give the illusion of an actual band performance, even when the recordings were done solo.

3DX is available in the 5.1ch and 7.1.4ch surround formats, but you should use binaural for maximum audio quality during headphone monitoring. You can also mix multi-channel formats, as long as your DAW supports multi-channel tracks.

3DX is available for both macOS and Windows as VST3/AU/AAX.

Other than shifting directionality, 3DX can also change the nature of the sound to give all kinds of effects. This may include changing the waveform to indicate a change in the sound due to environmental influence. It adds a whole new dimension to your sound design.

Here’s a video demo of it:

3DX achieves all this using their proprietary award-winning binaural processor technology called HPL (HeadPhone Listening). This is specifically designed to introduce intuitive sound design to music production, expanding on the already prominent use of binaural in video production.

3DXis  certainly a revolution in three-dimensional audio design. The software costs $348, and the free trial of 3DX works for 5 minutes at a time.

More info: NovoNotes 3DX ($348)

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