Lofi Space Is Waves Audio’s FREE Black Friday Plugin

Waves Audio revealed their Black Friday freebie. LoFi Space ($99) is a brand new delay/reverb plugin, and it’s free to download today.

LoFi Space is a reverb and echo plugin with a lo-fi character. It features a saturated echo module and two analog reverb modes (Plate and Spring).

It does everything a standard delay plugin would do (BPM synchronization, stereo ping pong mode, etc.), but with a distinct lo-fi flavor.

Here’s how Waves Audio describes their latest release:

“Lofi Space is the perfect effect for those attention-grabbing ear candy moments. With bright saturated delay and two flavors of analog-based spring and plate reverb, Lofi Space lets you add splashes of vintage ‘verb color and bold analog echo to your tracks. Instantly, without tweaking, you can create deep, gorgeous lofi-tinged effects suited for any production in need of that vintage touch.”

I haven’t tested the plugin (so much work today), but that GUI looks gorgeous. I’d literally put that on my desktop. Wonderful design.

I hope the sound is equally good (or bad, but in a good way).

LoFi Space is free to download only today. It will cost $99 after Black Friday.

To claim your free LoFi Space license, visit the product page linked below and click the “Get it FREE” button. Enter your email address, and you should receive your personal license key.

Please note that you’ll need to download and install Waves Central to activate LoFi Space.

More info: Waves LoFi Space (FREE on Black Friday)

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