Apple Watch Black Friday deals live blog: Apple Watch Series 7 price cuts on now


Apple Watch Series 7

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Hot off the press! We mentioned this offer when it dropped not long ago, but we’ve just got word this it is selling super-fast. 

In the UK, Very currently has the lowest price on the Apple Watch Series 7 with this £30 off deal, which takes it down to just £349. This is a cracking deal on Apple’s newest smartwatch, and, while we’d be happy to be proved wrong, we don’t expect the price to drop lower than this in the UK. So if you’re looking to buy the Series 7, now is the time. 

Apple Watch Series 7

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We’ve basically spent all day looking at Apple Watch Black Friday deals, and this is still the best in the US, certainly when it comes to the new Apple Watch Series 7. It’s fair to say we’ve a soft spot for Apple’s Red Product line, so it makes us all the happier that the best price is on this gorgeous red design. 

Ok, so the discount is modest, a mere $19, but given how new this model is, it’s impressive to see any savings at all. The Amazon deal drops the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS and red aluminium case and sport band to $379.99. And we haven’t found the same model any cheaper. Yet.

Apple Watch series 7

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If you’re looking for an Apple Watch Series 7 that stands out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with this special Nike edition. Especially if one of your main reasons for wanting to own an Apple Watch is the fitness element. 

Currently reduced by £30 over at Very, you can pick this model up right now for £439. Which seems like a hefty sum, but with all the new features of the Series 7, plus advanced features that let you measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG anytime, and access mindfulness and sleep tracking apps, it’s a solid investment. 

Apple Watch Series 3

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It might be a few years old now, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is still a sought-after wearable. So if you’re not bothered about having the latest version Apple Watch, the Series 3 offers excellent value for money. Especially right now. Currys in the UK has this black, 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 with black sports band for £169– that’s a £28 saving on the regular retail price. 

Over in the US, Best Buy has the same deal on, knocking $30 off the same Apple Watch Series 3 model, now just $169

Ok so it might not have some of the fancy features – always-on, super-large display and ECG – like that of the Apple Watch Series 7, but it is still a brilliant product in its own right. You can use it for voice calls and commands, track your health and fitness with the in-built heart rate monitor and GPS and make contactless payments via Apple Pay. Oh, and it looks good telling the time too! 

Hold the phone! (Or Watch). We’ve just come across an even better Apple Watch Series 7 deal in the UK. 

The same 41mm Midnight aluminium case and sport band model we mentioned earlier that John Lewis has for £379 is now online at Very for just £349 right now! That’s an extra £30 saving – go, go, go!

Apple Watch Series 6

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In the US, Amazon has some really tempting offers on older Apple Watch models. This Apple Watch SE, for example, currently has almost $60 off, taking it down to just $219.99

The 40mm watch has a silver aluminium case, with an Abyss blue sport band and GPS so you can take calls and reply to texts, right from your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 6

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Right now Amazon UK has an incredible £100 off this Apple Watch Series 6, now £379. That’s a 21 percent saving on this stylish 40mm silver case design with white sport band. This particular model also boast GPS and Cellular, so you can call, text, and get directions without your phone. 

Apple Watch Series 7

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We’ve spent the last couple of days keeping an eye out for discounts on the new Apple Watch Series 7, and these deals are the best we’ve come across so far. It’s far from the biggest price drop, but these watches are so new, we highly doubt they will see any further price cuts. 

The best offer in the US comes from Amazon, where a Red product, 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 with Red sports band currently has $19 off. A modest 5 percent discount, this takes the model down to $379.99

In the UK, John Lewis has a similar saving, knocking £20 off a 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS, Midnight aluminium case with Midnight sport band – now £379. 

Hello! And welcome to our Apple Watch Black Friday live blog. Here we’ll be bringing you every Apple Watch deal we can find over the Black Friday weekend. 

Apple Watch Black Friday deals are usually plentiful, but they sell out fast, so a live blog makes the most sense when bringing you these offers. 

So, whether you’re looking for the brand new Apple Watch Series 7, or one of its slightly older siblings, we’ll have all the models covered right here. 

Let’s kick things off with the best offer we’ve been able to find on Apple’s latest smartwatch. Don’t get too excited, it’s a modest offer, but being that the device is so new, anything is better than nothing. 

In the US, Amazon has $19 off the red, 41mm Apple Watch Series 7, now $379.99. And in the UK, John Lewis has a £20 discount on the 45mm, Midnight aluminium case with Midnight sport band, now £379