Nintendo Switch Black Friday live blog: the best Switch deals available now


Nintendo Switch

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It’s not all about the Switch itself – there are plenty of great deals on accessories too. Right now at Walmart, you can get 25% off the Switch Pro Controller, bringing the price down to $52. If you’re wanting to take your gaming up a level, the Pro Controller is pretty unbeatable. 

Nintendo Switch bundle

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In the US, one of the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals is still live at Best Buy. Right now you can get the standard Switch, Mario Kart 8 and 3 months of Nintendo Switch online for $299.99. That’s a whole $70 less than you’d be paying for the whole lot individually. We have a feeling this one won’t be hanging around for much longer.

Nintendo Switch

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Phew, it’s been a long day of Nintendo Switch deals and there’s been plenty to sift through, so here are a couple of the best we’ve seen today:


Walmart: Get the Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 for $259 and save $25 on Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Amazon: Save up to 50% on selected digital games


eBay: Get a Nintendo Switch for £215 with the code MORESAVINGS
Nintendo: Get the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 and 3 months Nintendo Switch Online bundle for £259.99.
Game: Get the Nintendo Switch OLED model and Paper Mario bundle for £319.

Nintendo Switch Lite blue

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We’ve seen surprisingly few Nintendo Switch Lite deals this Black Friday, but there are a select few bargains to be found if you know where to look. Grab the Nintendo Switch Lite on eBay and add the code MORESAVINGS at checkout, and it’s yours for £179 – a saving of £20.  

Don’t forget – if you do manage to snag a Switch this Black Friday, you’re going to want a microSD card for all those games. Amazon has a great deal on the 128GB SanDisk Ultra right now, knocking the price down from $25 to $16. This card is perfect for the Switch – its 120mb/s read speed will ensure games run as smoothly as possible. And if it’s digital games you’re after, remember Amazon is also offering  up to 50% off selected digital games

Nintendo Switch

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Of all the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals we’ve seen today, one of the best comes from Nintendo itself. For £259.99, which is the asking price for a Switch on its own, you’re also getting Mario Kart 8 and 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

A photo of the Switch OLED.

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If you’ve been hoping to get hold of a Nintendo Switch OLED model this Black Friday, you’ve probably discovered that deals are few and far between. But right now, Game has a Nintendo Switch OLED model and Paper Mario bundle on sale for £319.99, which basically means you’re getting Paper Mario for a mere tenner.

Let’s have a look at what’s going on at eBay, shall we? In the UK, not only is the Switch available for £239.99 (£40 less than than the usual asking price), but entering the code MORESAVINGS at checkout brings the total down to £215, which is one of the cheapest Switch deals we’ve ever seen. 

Remember the £259 Switch and Mario Kart bundle at Very? Well, there’s a way to get it even cheaper. Sign up for a Very Pay account (which does, we must add, include a credit check), and you can then use the code WELCOME for 20% off your first order. That knocks £52 off this particular deal, bringing it down to £207.99 – which might just be the cheapest way to get a standard Switch in the UK this Black Friday.

Nintendo Switch

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In the UK, it looks like Argos is matching Nintendo’s own deal on the Nintendo Switch Neon Console & Mario Kart 8 bundle, available for £259.99. Seeing as the Switch is retailing for the same price, that means you’re basically getting the game for nothing. Free Mario Kart – what’s not to like?

Pokemon Nintendo Switch cases

NEED. (Image credit: PowerA/Future owns)

We interrupt this broadcast with an important announcement. Walmart is selling various Pokemon-themed Nintendo Switch cases for $19.99, down from $34.99. Look how cute they are! There’s Pikachu! There’s Snorlax! There’s a Pokeball! (Okay that one’s not quite as cute as the other two, but still.)

Nintendo Switch games

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Over at Walmart, you can save big money on two of the original and best Switch Games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are both available for $35 right now. Seeing as both titles would normally set you back $60, this is an impressive deal. Now go forth and discover two of the best games ever made. 

Currys is also offering £18 off the brand new Nintendo Switch OLED edition with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a 256GB Sandisk memory card. Because what’s the point of having a Switch if you don’t have Animal Crossing?

best Nintendo Switch games

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Over on this side of the pond (we’re in the UK, in case you didn’t know), Currys is offering £20 off the standard Switch in both grey, and neon blue/red right now. Not an earth-shattering discount, but it’s better than the $0.10 saving we shared with you yesterday.

Walmart is offering discounts on two of the more unique Switch games right now. You can currently get 50% off both the Mario and Luigi versions of Mario Kart: Home Circuit, bringing it down from $100 to $50. The game literally turns your living room into a Mario Kart course through the power of AR. Seeing a miniature Mario whizzing around your home is pretty much guaranteed to raise a smile (although the cat might not love it).

And there’s $26 off Ring Fit adventure, down from $80 to $54. The game involves jogging on the spot to defeat a bodybuilding dragon, obviously.

Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8

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Just cut to the deals, we hear you cry. Well, here goes. These are the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals we’re seeing at the moment.

First up the US. For a good while, the best deal going was a bundle at Best Buy with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 3 months Switch online. That’s now gone at most locations. 😭

…. But wait! It didn’t look like that deal would be beaten, and it hasn’t, but Nintendo itself is now offering the same bundle for the same price. Hoorah! So can you still get the neon blue/red Switch with Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and three months of Switch Online now for $299 direct from Nintendo. You’ll need to log in or create an account.

Other than that, stock is pretty low in the US with third-party sellers on Amazon and Walmart being the other main option. We’ve seen no deals on the Switch Lite, but Adorama at least still has some stock at the official price.

Those in the UK have more options. Nintendo itself is offering the same bundle as in the US, giving you Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months Switch Online for £259.99. You can add in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a carry case for £309.99 or, for more racing action you can get the pack with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheels for $359.99. Amazon also has some bundle deals, including £94 off the Mario Kart 8 Bundle with Just Dance 2022, now £304.98 £284.99.

And the brand new OLED? Is it anywhere to be seen at all? It is! The only options we’ve seen without a markup are at Very in the UK, where you can pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED in white or blue/red for £309. And if you want to throw in a game, you can actually get a little Black Friday saving: get the Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8 for £349.98 £339.98 (pictured). If you’re not into Mario, you can get the same £10 saving on the Switch OLED in white with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Stock is running out on Switch Lites at the official Nintendo Store, but you can still get a purple one for $199.99 (note that availability may depend on your location).

Nintendo Switch Lite

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What was that? You want a Nintendo Switch Lite in grey? For just £194.98, saving you £24.98? From ebuyer? Go on then… 

I told my sister I was live blogging Switch deals. She said: “What a very strange thing to live blog!” 

Fair point.

So we’ve been writing this blog for over 24 hours now. We never knew we could know so much about Switch prices. But the good news is, the internet seems to love us. There are currently over 1,000 people reading it right this second. I mean, we’ll assume they’re reading it, but maybe they just have it open while they feed the cat. 

Either way, we’re still here, still deal hunting. If you do find any decent Switch deals that we haven’t spotted, then please do get in touch with us via Twitter.

If you’ve hit a brick wall with deal-hunting, then where better to look than king of walls, Walmart? We wouldn’t suggest going for the Switch OLED models as a lot of them are marked up, but there are some decent deals on the other consoles as well as games and accessories. Here are our favourites:

Top Walmart Switch deals

For anyone just joining us, this is the place to find all the best Switch deals. We’ll be honest, many of the deals on offer this year aren’t exactly fantastic, but if you do spot something you like the look of, we suggest you don’t delaying in adding it your basket. These deals are few and far between, especially in the US, so many of them are selling out quickly.

Our favourite deal in the US at Best Buy is no longer available, though it’s worth putting in your location and seeing if there’s one near you. However, the good news is, there’s a similar offer at Walmart – you can get a Switch and Joy-Cons, plus Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for just $299.

Legend of Zelda

Grab a bargain on your favourite games (Image credit: Nintendo)

GameStop in the US is a great place to well, stop for some games. There are offers on various Switch games at the moment, including $33 off the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – now just $26.99.

Other offers include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $49.94, down from $59.99. Then there’s Just Dance 2022, now just $24.99, with a $25 saving (ideal for anyone who ate too much this holiday season and wants to get moving)

Nintendo Switch pro concept

(Image credit: The ToyZone)

Time to Switch things up (sorry). Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at one of our most popular Switch stories from the last six months: 8 Nintendo Switch Pro concept designs we wish were real.

Want the real thing? Us too. But it’s not here yet. Why not buy this Nintendo Switch bundle deal from Best Buy for $299.99 while you wait?

It’s time for a spotlight on UK retailer Very. There’s a fair bit to choose from, too. Click here to browse Very’s Switch deals, or see below for our pick of the best offers from Very so far:

Nintendo Switch Pro

Is this fan render what the Switch Pro will look like? (Image credit: ZONEofTECH)

It’s fair to say we are completely submersed in Switch deals right now. But there’s still a niggling doubt that’s bugging us…

When is the Switch Pro actually gonna make an appearance? We’ve been hearing rumours about it for what feels like an age now (check out everything we know on our Switch Pro rumours post).

Best Buy Nintendo Switch page showing sold out deals

(Image credit: Best Buy)

We’ve been looking at the best Switch deals on Best Buy. And spoiler alert, a lot of the most popular products are sold out (see above). Pretty much the best (read: only) offer we can find is the Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue/Red Joy-Cons. This bundle offer costs $299.99 and comes with a code to download Mario Kart 8 Deluxe plus three months Nintendo Switch online membership (perks include online play, exclusive in-game rewards and cloud backup).

Nintendo Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo/Future)

Amazon UK is offering up the Switch in Neon Red/Blue with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 3 months of Nintendo Switch online membership, and Monopoly for just £269.99. This saves you a very pleasing £79.99. This deal ends in 3 days time and we wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out soon.

In the UK and want a Switch Lite in Grey? Amazon has one for £194.98, which will be in stock on 3 December (only a week to wait!)

If you’re not sure which console you want, and want to know how the OLED compares with the original Switch, then check out this piece, which highlights the differences between them.

You might also want to read our Switch Lite review and our Nintendo Switch review (we haven’t reviewed the OLED yet, but watch this space).

In the UK, the picture’s a little brighter in terms of OLED stock. Here are the top places you can get hold of a Switch OLED right now, and a few that are worth checking in case more stock drops.

Where to buy the Switch OLED: UK

A photo of the Switch OLED.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We’ve been scouring the shelves in the hope of finding the Switch OLED, but unfortunately haven’t come up with much yet. These are the retailers to keep an eye on though, in case that sweet sweet stock appears. And of course, we’ll be posting any Switch OLED news here as soon as we find it. 

Where to find Switch OLED stock: US

Do you want deals on other products, too? You might like our Lego Black Friday deals roundup, our Apple Black Friday hub, or even to find out how to save $100 on the latest and greatest iPad Pro.

Nintendo Switch Ringfit game

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you want to get fit while you game, then you might want to try RingFit Adventure. It’s basically just a fun way to work out, as you jog, sprint and high knee your way through over 100 levels, via 20 different worlds. 

It usually retails at $79.99 but it now costs $54.99 at the Nintendo store. Target is also offering the same deal

In the UK, Game has some decent offers. The most tempting (for us at least) is the Switch Neon and Mario Kart 8 bundle, which comes with 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online Membership. It costs £259.99 at Game right now. For comparison, we’re seeing the Switch, and just the Switch on sale for the same price at Argos.

Nintendo Switch and Lego Jurrasic world deal

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Hello deal hunters! It’s Rosie Hilder here taking over Creative Bloq’s live Nintendo Switch blog. It’s 6am here in the UK and it is DARK outside but do not worry, we are still here to hunt down all the best Switch offers for you. 

Walmart has a handful of Black Friday Switch deals for Black Friday. The best is still this Switch with Joy-Cons and Nintendo membership, carrying case for $299.

In terms of games, you can get the Super Mario Bros U: Deluxe for $35 instead of $40.99, and there are also discounts on Lego games including Lego: The Incredibles for $15 and Lego: Jurassic World (also $15). If you’ve got a kid with a Switch, then these seem like excellent Christmas presents.

Nintendo Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you’ve just joined us, here’s a quick round-up of the best Nintendo Switch deals you can find this Black Friday. 

In the US, there’s no sign yet of anyone beating the super bundle offer of the Switch with Mario Kart 8 and 3 months Nintendo Switch Online for $299 at Best Buy. That said, if for some reason you don’t fancy Mario Kart 8, for the same price you could opt for the Switch with no game but a full 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for $299 at Walmart.

Over in the UK, the best deal is also the Switch with Mario Kart 8 and 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online, in this case for £259.99 at the Nintendo store. But if you want more than one game, there are several options for the same combination with the addition of a third game for just £269.99 at Amazon, saving you £79.99. You can choose between Rayman Legends, Monopoly , Sports Party. or Wheel of Fortune.

The next best deal in the UK is £50 off a bundle with Animal Crossing and Super Mario 3D World, now £289.97 at Very. And if your heart’s set on the elusive new Nintendo Switch OLED, Very has £10 off on pre-orders for mid-December, taking the price to £339.98, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe included. No, it’s not a saving to scream about, but considering this is about your only chance to order the OLED model at the moment, a tenner off is just dandy.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

OK, so Nintendo’s all about Mario, but just to ensure any Sonic fans out there don’t feel left out, there’s 50 per cent off on Sonic Colours Ultimate now just $19.98 at GameStop. This is one Sega title that surprised everyone with how good it looks on the Switch.

But even better, why not pit Mario, Sonic and friends against each other with some sporting action? GameStop also has Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games reduced to $34.99 from the original price of $59.99. That’s well under half price. We’re not hugely surprised to see a big price drop on this considering that Tokyo 2020 has long been and gone, but it’s a great chance to snap up a little gem of a title that packs in hugely fun mini-games.

Nintendo Switch game

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Hear the word Nintendo and it’s impossible not to think of Mario and Luigi. So much so, it would almost be rude to have a console and no Mario Bros game to play on it. Thankfully there are some cracking deals on Mario Nintendo Switch games right now, such as this New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for $39.99 at Amazon. That’s $20 off the regular retail price, so you’re saving over a third on this single-player or multiplayer bundle of fun. 

The best bit about this game is the new characters that have been designed specifically for younger, less experienced players, so the whole family can enjoy the wonderful world of Mario.

Nintendo Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ok, so we’ve been watching the Nintendo Switch deals closely for a while now, and the best is still this offer from Nintendo in the UK, and Walmart in the US

Both deals offer exactly the same – a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online, all for the price you would pay for the standalone console. So you’re essentially getting Mario and friends, and the Switch Online membership for free. 

In the UK, that means you get all the above for £259.99, and in the US, the entire bundle deal will set you back $299. As Switch deals go right now, this one is unbeatable. 

Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you or someone you know is an Animal Crossing-super fan, this special edition Nintendo Switch could be the perfect present this Christmas. There’s no discount on it, but no price increase either, you simply pay the regular price for the standalone console ($299). But for the same amount of money as the regular black console, this alternative design is really nice touch for anyone who loves the cute animal villagers. 

Get the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch special edition at Best Buy for $299 today. 

Nintendo Switch game

(Image credit: Nintendo )

Add another dimension to your Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart: Home Circuit. This super-fun accessory allows you to turn your home into Mario’s very own bespoke racing track, which you can watch on screen using augmented reality. Best Buy has Mario Kart: Home Circuit down to almost half price right now at just $59.99 – that’s an impressive $40 off. And, depending on which is your favourite plumber, you can choose either the Mario or Luigi edition. 

Turn your home into Mario’s greatest challenge this Christmas!

Nintendo Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Amazon is on fire right now with Nintendo Switch deals, and here’s another one offering excellent value for money. Get Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a three-month Nintendo Switch Online Membership AND Monopoly for the grand total of £269.99. This excellent bundle deal cuts almost £80 off the price if you were to pay for all these items separately. Hurry though, we don’t expect this deal to hang around for long. 

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle game

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If it’s Nintendo Switch games you’re after, Walmart currently has some excellent savings on some top titles. For example, this Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle currently has an impressive 75% off – now just $14

You can also save $24.99 on Just Dance 2022, now down to $25, and Target has Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for just $19.99, a saving of $13.

Nintendo Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo )

Pretty much every Switch bundle deal we’ve come across so far today has included Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which makes sense. Mario is a popular guy. But if you want a bundle with more than one game, this deal from Amazon, which also throws in a copy of Just Dance 2022 and a three-month Switch Online membership, is well worth a look. 

The entire Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Just Dance and Switch Online membership costs £284.99, which is a saving of almost £100 when you add them all up individually. As Nintendo Switch deals go in the UK, this is one of the very best, in terms of value for money, around right now.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Because what’s a Switch without accessories, right? Get set to burn off some of those Christmas calories by grabbing this Ring Fit Adventure for just $54.99 at Best Buy. That’s an impressive $25 discount, and the cheapest price we’ve seen it so far this Black Friday. 

You can work up a sweat by defeating enemies with attacks based on real-world exercises. Ok, so it’s not exactly the same as going to the gym, but it’s probably way more fun. 

Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo )

We posted about this earlier but we’ve just got word that this UK deal is selling super-fast. 

If a Nintendo Switch OLED is topping yours or a loved ones wish list this Christmas, head over to Very where right now you can get the shiny new console with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the reduced price of £339.98. And the best bit? Order it now and it will be with you in time for the big day. 

Walmart has produced the goods this time, offering a Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $299.99. You’d usually pay that for the console alone, so you’re essentially getting Mario and mates for free with this top deal. 

Hot news just in! If you’re in the UK, right now you can get the Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8 for £339.98 at Very. That’s a £10 saving, which might not seem like much, but these shiny new consoles are super-popular and really hard to come by, so any discount on them is worth a look. Order today for delivery on 16/12/2021.

Did you know that Dell sells Nintendo Switch games? We’ll admit this came as a surprise to us. And before you get too excited, no, they’re not really that cheap. 

Walmart has some decent offers on Switch games, including Lego The Incredibles for $15 (no, we didn’t know that was a thing, either) and Just Dance for $24.99

Did we mention we have a Switch hub dedicated to all the best hubs? It’s right here and it’s full of top Nintendo Switch offers.

So, you might have noticed it’s not actually that easy to find decent deals on the Switch. That’s why we’re here to help you out. 

In the UK? You might want to check out this deal on the Switch that gets you Just Dance and Mario Kart thrown into the bargain – all for £284.99 at Amazon.

Deals in the US are even harder to find. We’re seeing the Switch Lite at $199.99 at Best Buy. Which isn’t really a deal to be honest, but it’s the best price we’ve found.

Ever wished you could save $0.10 on a Nintendo Switch? Well now you can, thanks to this unbelievable, incredible, amazing and superb deal from Newegg. Better deals are incoming (we hope).

Hello and welcome to our Nintendo Switch deals live blog! We’ll be sharing every Nintendo Switch deal we can find here, so be sure to keep checking back. 

Black Friday moves in mysterious ways – you never know when a great deal is around the corner, or when a great deal is about to disappear from the face of the internet. 

To kick things off, the best deal we’ve seen so far is the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 and 3 months Nintendo Switch Online bundle for $299 at Best Buy in the US, and £259 in the UK Nintendo store. This is the cost of the console alone, so you’re basically getting the extras for free. Nice.