Artist Imagines How History’s Most Famous Painters Might Decorate Their Homes Based On The Color Pallettes Of Their Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh: ‘The Starry Night’

While artists love to take inspiration from the world to create breathtaking works of art, digital artist and interior designer Amaliya Brenneman decided to flip the script, using four of the most famous paintings ever created as inspiration for her interior designs.

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Salvador Dali: ‘The Persistence of Memory’

She wondered how history’s most celebrated painters, including Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Edvard Munch, and Salvador Dali, might decorate the insides of their homes based on the color palettes of their most cherished works.

Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Mona Lisa’

Amaliya, in collaboration with, used some of the most recognizable paintings the world has ever seen to recreate home interiors utilizing the same color schemes and aesthetics presented in the works of art.

Edvard Munch: ‘The Scream’

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