Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday live blog: the best Switch deals live now


Switch OLED & animal crossing cover

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While America is suffering a drought of Nintendo Switch OLED deals (see previous post, below), the UK is feeling rather smug right now. Not only are there plenty of retailers offering the shiny new console, there are plenty of offers on it too; albeit bundle deals rather than straightforward money-off. Curry’s has the biggest range of deals, so it’s a great place to head whether you want your OLED bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and an SanDisk 256GB Memory Card (for £369, saving you £17.98) or with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a 256GB memory card for the same price and savings.

Nintendo Switch OLED model

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If you’re in the States, you may be wondering where we’ve hidden all the Nintendo Switch OLED deals. Well, there’s no easy way to put this, but unfortunately there aren’t any… not yet, anyway. The best US deal we’ve seen this weekend has been from Newegg, which knocked a tiny $10 off the console, bringing it down to £529.95. That discount has since evaporated and Newegg now has the OLED at £544.95. But that said, most others have run out of stock entirely. Clearly, should things change and Cyber Monday deals arise on the Nintendo Switch OLED, we’ll of course let you know immediately. But at this stage, we’re afraid, it’s not looking good… 

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There are so many great discounts for Nintendo Switch games at GameStop in the US right now, you can’t possibly fail to find something to reinvigorate your collection. What about Mario Plus Rabbids Kingdom Battle, down from $59.99 to just $13.99, saving you a huge $46? Or the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: slashed from $59.99 to $39.99, saving you a cool $20?

Oppo Find X3 Pro

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Want a Nintendo Switch without paying for it (at least, not directly)? Well, if you need a new phone and live in the UK, then you do have one option. Buy an Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G phone contract through Virgin Mobile and you get a free Nintendo Switch as part of the deal, saving you £108 overall. In case you’ve not heard of it, you can read about the Oppo Find X3 Pro in our best camera phone roundup. (Or just take it from us that’s it’s a pretty decent phone.)

Pro Controller

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When it comes to Nintendo Switch accessories, the Joy Cons are okay, but they aren’t exactly the most comfortable or easy-to-use accessories. You’ll get a better experience from the Switch Pro Controller which along with motion controls, HD rumble and built-in amiibo functionality, also offers hand grips and an ergonomic design. And right now at Walmart, you can get 25% off the Switch Pro Controller, bringing the price down to $52.55. Meanwhile, if you’re in the UK, Amazon has reduced the Pro Controller from £55.99 to just £49.99.

Nintendo Switch + Minecraft cover

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Here’s another great UK bundle you might have missed during the blizzard of offers we’ve experienced today. Very still has a deal that brings together a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart, three months of online access, and Minecraft, for just £269.99. That’s a whole lot of stuff for not much money. Given the speed that Nintendo Switch bundles are selling out right now, this one probably won’t be around for much longer.

Nintendo Switch and beanie with Nintendo logo

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As we mentioned earlier, the cheapest UK price we can find for a Nintendo Switch Lite right now is £198.36 for the Coral version on Amazon. But hey: look what we just spotted on For just 63p more, ie £199.99, you can get a bundle of a Switch Lite and an official Nintendo Mario Beanie. It’s the perfect way to both advertise your love of both Nintendo and stay warm this winter, for literally a handful of change. (If you already have the console and just want the hat, it’ll cost you £4.99). 

Metroid Dream cover featuring sci-fi warrior

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You’d normally expect Cyber Monday deals on older games, but it’s quite rare to get them on new titles. Here’s a welcome exception. Metroid Dream for Nintendo Switch was only released last month, but this weekend we’ve seen big price drops on this action adventure title following galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, has reduced Metroid Dream from $59 to $49, while in the UK, Very has slashed it from  £49.99 to just £36.99, a saving of £13. 

Nintendo Switch packaging and Just Dance packaging

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In the UK and looking to save big on a Nintendo Switch bundle? The best we know of that’s still available comes from Amazon: it brings together a Nintendo Switch, Joy-Cons and Just Dance 2022 for £272.99. That’s £35.99 less than it would cost to buy everything separately. If that works for you, then don’t hang around, as this deal will only be around for maximum of two days (and may, of course, sell out before that anyway).

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America might not be getting the best deals on Nintendo Switch consoles this Cyber Monday weekend, but if you’re looking for Nintendo Switch games, there are bargains galore. The biggest discounts are to be found at GameStop, where the offers include Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at just $35 (a $24.99 saving), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $49.94, reduced from $59.99 and a $25 saving on Just Dance 2022, which is now just $24.99. There are plenty more titles at deeply reduced prices, so visit GameStop and see what you need to complete your collection. 

Nintendo Switch turquoise packaging

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We haven’t seen much in the way of deals for the Nintendo Switch Lite this Black Friday, especially not in the US. Maybe Cyber Monday will pull a rabbit out of the hat, but so far, shortages in supply means that even Switch Lites at the standard price of $199, such as those we saw at Adorama, have sold out fast, and most remain stubbornly more expensive. Things are better in the UK on this score, with availability much wider, and even some small discounts appearing. The Coral version of the Nintendo Switch Lite has been reduced from £209.99 to £198.36 on Amazon, and the Turquoise version is a few pence cheaper still at £197.99

A photo of the Switch OLED.

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The new Nintendo Switch OLED is pretty hard to come by right now, due to problems in the global supply chain. So for retailers even to be selling them in the UK is a minor miracle, let alone offering deals. The best deal is at Curry’s, where you can save £18 on a bundle including a Nintendo Switch OLED, Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and a 256GB memory card, which will cost you £369 in total. Runner-up is Very’s offer of a Nintendo Switch OLED plus Mario Kart 8 for £339.98, saving you £10. Admittedly, these are not big discounts, but as they’re one of the few ways to actually get a Switch OLED at the moment, any saving is to be welcomed in our books.

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Welcome to our live blog. We’re going to keep updating this page to bring you the very latest news on Nintendo Switch deals, discounts and restocks as they arrive, in the runup to Cyber Monday on Monday 29 November. We’ll start by reminding you of the best prices for a new Nintendo Switch right now, on both sides of the Atlantic. The best deal for UK readers is from Shopto on eBay, where you can get a Switch for £240: that’s £60 off the standard price. In the States, there aren’t any real discounts on the Nintendo Switch alone, but there are a lot of bundles that can save you money overall. Our favourite right now is at Walmart, where you can get a Switch console, Joy-Cons and Mario Kart 8, all for $299.