Apple Watch Series 7

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Here’s a reminder of the best Apple Watch deals in the US still available right now:

Apple Watch 7: $399.99 $379.99 at Amazon
Apple Watch 6: $399 $299 at Walmart
Apple Watch SE: $279 $219.99 at Amazon
Apple Watch 5: $749 $459 at Amazon
Apple Watch 3: $199 $169 at Best Buy

Apple watch 7

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Here are two good UK deals on the Apple Watch Series 7, 45mm version, with GPS but not offering cellular support. The best price for that in the UK can be found for £379 at Curry’s and the same price at Very.

Apple Watch Series 3

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Time for a quite reminder that the cheapest Apple Watch that Apple currently supports is the Series 3. The best Cyber Monday deals on that smartwatch are $169 at Best Buy in the US and £169 at Very in the UK. Those deals will save you $30/£30 respectively off the normal price, and we don’t know how long they’ll last, so don’t hang around too long.

Apple Watch Series 7 in green

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The best Cyber Monday price on a 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 remains $379 on Amazon in the US, and £349 at John Lewis in the UK. But note that these are the GPS versions, and don’t offer cellular support. If you want that too, the best prices can be found in the UK at Very for £439 (reduced from £469) or £499 for the 45mm version, and in the US, Amazon has it for $479.99, or $509 for the 44mm version.

Apple Watch Series 6

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Earlier, we mentioned that the Apple Watch Series 6 had seen a $60 price drop at Walmart, to $349. Well, the US retailer has now lopped off another $50, bringing the price down to $299 in most colours. That’s an overall saving of $110, and so a deal that’s seriously worth considering, assuming it’s available in your area (Walmart can be a little hit and miss on that, in our experience).

Apple Watch

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If you live in the States and have a partner or family member who’d also like an Apple Watch, you might want to take advantage of AT&T’s Buy One Get One Free offer, which could save you $330 and runs until 2 December. You’d need to purchase two new Apple Watches (any model including 3-7 and SE), both on a qualifying installment plan, and pay a $30 activation/upgrade fee. 

Apple Watch bands: EPULY

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When it comes to straps for your Apple Watch, we haven’t seen much in the way of deals this weekend. But in the US we’ve seen a small discount on one of our favourite Apple Watch bands: the Epuly Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band, which is cut and crafted from Premium 304 stainless steel. It’s down on Amazon from $20.99 to $16.99. Not the most earth-shattering saving, but a saving nonetheless, and it really is a lovely watch band. 

Apple iPad

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It’s not just Apple Watches that are getting big discounts this Cyber Monday. We’re also running three more blogs to keep you from missing out on the hottest deals. So if you’re hunting for other tech, then check out our iPad Cyber Monday deals live blog, along with our MacBook Cyber Monday deals live blog, and our must-read Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals live blog. 

Apple Watch Series 7 in green

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Time for a recap on what most people visiting this blog will be asking right now: What’s the best Cyber Monday price on an Apple Watch Series 7, the latest version? The simple answer is that in the US, it’s $379 on Amazon and in the UK it’s £349 at John Lewis.

Apple Watch SE

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If you don’t need the very latest Apple Watch, but still want something pretty up-to-date and powerful, consider the Apple Watch SE. It’s got great battery life for an Apple Watch and most of the high-end features of the Apple Watch 6 (save the always-on display), for a lot less cash. And there are some fantastic deals to be had this Cyber Monday weekend. In the US, the price has come down to $219.99 at (a saving of $60) and in the UK, Curry’s has slashed £50 off the price, bringing it in at £249.99

Apple Watch Series 3

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Want an Apple Watch for the lowest cost possible, and don’t really care what version it is? Then unsurprisingly, you’ll find the cheapest prices overall on the oldest current model, the Apple Watch Series 3. It’s currently on offer for $169 at Best Buy – a saving of £30 on the full price – and £169 at Very, a discount of £30. Yes, it’s a little dated now, and doesn’t have all the features of the newer models. But it’s still an excellent smartwatch that runs the latest OS, and is a great way to get on board with Apple Watches.

Apple Watch 5

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The Apple Watch Series 5 was released in 2019, so it’s still pretty new, and yet we’ve seen its price drop dramatically on from $749 to $459. That’s a 39 per cent reduction, saving you a mammoth $290. And bear in mind, this is the larger, 44m version with GPS + Cellular. Before you get too excited, though, let’s put that in context: you can get the latest model, the Apple Watch Series 7, at B&H for just $379.99 right now. Note that’s the 41mm version and not cellular, but that’s still an amazing price for the very latest Apple Watch. Either way, it’s nice to have options!

Apple Watch Series 6

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When it comes to Apple Watch designs, you really are spoilt for choice. Normally the deals we see are on the more popular colours, black and white etc, so it’s always nice to see an offer on a more distinctive design. 

We LOVE this navy blue Apple Watch Series 6 option, especially as Amazon has now dropped it’s price by £60. The gorgeous, luxury-looking smartwatch could be all yours for just £349

You could get the bog standard Apple Watch Series 7 for that same price, if you really want the latest Apple smartwatch. But being that there is (in our opinion), little difference in the two designs, this is where we’d put our money.

Apple Watch 7 deal

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During the last two days, this $20 off deal has been the one and only deal to get on the new Apple Watch 7 (down from $399.99 to $379.99). Fist it was over at Amazon, but now you won’t find it anywhere other than B&H Photo. And specifically on the green 41mm model (GPS only, of course).

And now there’s a UK equivalent. You can get the 41mm GPS Apple Watch 7 in Abyss Blue over at Amazon down from £369 to £349 – saving you £20.

This is the lowest that the Apple Watch Series 7 has dropped down to throughout Black Friday, and we imagine it’ll be as low as it goes during Cyber Monday too. 

We’ve seen quite a few Apple Watch Series 7 deals disappear in the last few hours. Currently we’re seeing it hold its retail price everywhere (unless you consider the $50/£40 gift card deal that Apple is offering, below). 

But there is this cracking deal on the Apple Watch Series 6: save $50, down from $399 to $349 over at Walmart. We like this deal as the 6 and 7 models are incredibly similar, sharing all the same features, minus a chip, an extra 1mm and dust protection. Well worth checking out. 

A glowing Apple logo in front of a mountainous backdrop.

Go straight to the source (Image credit: Apple)

Usually Apple is the last retailer to go to for the biggest discounts on its products, but right now that may just be the case. Right up until the end of Cyber Monday, you can get a $50/£40 gift card when you buy either the Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch 3

This will only be of interest to people who will go on to spend the gift card amount in a future transaction, but if you do, this is a pretty neat deal. It’ll take the price of the Apple Watch 3 to $149/£139, for example, which is as good as we’ve seen the price drop to over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

And, if you go for the GPS and Cellular model, you’ll get a $100 gift card. 

Apple Watch Series 3

Cheap as chips (if the chips were over £100) (Image credit: Apple)

Apple Watch stock seems to be holding up against the hoards of deals hunters (if you want stock woes, head to our Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday blog).

There are plenty of offers still available on the brand new Series 7 Watch. Amazon US is a good place to find yourself some Watch deals, including $20 off the clover green Series 7 model.

In the UK, we are impressed with Very’s offerings, where you can save up to £30 on various Watches. The cheapest is this Series 3 Watch for £169

Apple Store in Mexico City

Any excuse to go to the Apple store (Image credit: Apple)

Are you a huge Apple fan? Are you likely to want to buy all Apple’s latest and greatest Apple gadgets? Then shopping at the source may be the best offer for you. Apple is currently offering a $50 / £40 gift card when you buy an eligible Apple Watch. 

This offer is only available until tomorrow, so I guess you could call it Apple’s version of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. Whether or not this offer is any use to you largely depends on which Watch you’re after, and whether you’re likely to spend more in the Apple store in future. Note that $50 / £40 won’t really get you too far towards a new MacBook (see our MacBook Cyber Monday live blog for the best offers there), but it may help you on your way to a neat accessory or two.

Apple Watch SE

Dive into the abyss (blue) (Image credit: Apple)

If your main reason for getting an Apple Watch is for fitness, then you’ll want to head to Best Buy. The retailer is offering six months of Apple Fitness+ for free when you buy an Apple Watch. This is only available to those who haven’t had an Apple Fitness+ account before (so, new subscribers). 

Best Buy has some decent prices on various Watches, too. For example, you can get an Apple Watch SE (GPS and Cellular) in Abyss Blue (what a name for a colour!) for just $329. We think the SE is one of the better-looking Watches, and it has plenty of features to keep you occupied. 

Apple Watch Black Friday

Ooh la la  (Image credit: Apple)

Hold the phone! We’ve just spotted an even better deal for UK readers. Very is offering the Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) for just £349. This one has a midnight case and sports band, and it’s looking very tempting indeed. 

Apple Watch Series 7

The new kid in town looks rather nice (Image credit: Apple)

First up, let’s take a look at the Watch everyone is talking about – the brand new Apple Watch Series 7. This Watch is a real good-looker, and it can do a lot of things. We mean a lot. I mean, who would’ve thought even a decade a go that we’d soon be able to buy a Watch that can measure blood/oxygen levels, take an ECG, receive a phone call AND act as your credit card?

Anyway, in the UK, Amazon is offering up the Apple Watch 7 in a range of colours for £379 – that’s £20 off. We must stress that this Watch only came out in October, so it’s really a surprise to be seeing any discounts on it at all. 

In the US, Amazon has also knocked $19 off the Apple Watch Series 7, when you buy it in the clover. It now costs $379.99 – down from $399

Both deals are on GPS models, though, so you’ll have to pay more if you want to be able to leave your iPhone at home.

Hello and welcome to our live blog! As we all recover from the excitement of Black Friday, we’ve got our eyes firmly set on Cyber Monday. We’re crossing our fingers that retailers will be offering up a whole new set of deals to tempt shoppers around the world. 

And that’s where we come in. We’ll be sifting through the Apple Watch offers, to tell you which ones to watch, which to snap up immediately and which aren’t worth your time. And yes, there are bound to be plenty of Apple Watch puns along the way. For now, though, sit back and enjoy as we endeavour to find your perfect Watch.

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