Generative Ambient Music With A Moog Mother-32 & Ableton Live

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Claus Gahrn, captures an ambient piece, Polaris, based on a Moog Mother-32 + Ableton Live generative patch.

“In this generative patch, I sequenced the Moog Mother-32 from Ableton Live,” notes Gahrn. “I used a 16-step sequencer with independent control over note, velocity, and gate step length. The MIDI velocity (via Assign) controls the Mother-32 Filter Cutoff as well as the LFO Rate.”

You can view the Mother-32 patch details below:

Patch notes:

Mix CV – LFO Tri
VCF Cutoff – Mult 1
VCF Res – LFO Tri
LFO Rate – VC Mix
Mix 2 – Mult 2