To be entering the new millennium while living in the same cities of the South as Revok, Sever, TM crew, Mesko, Grifter, Save(N) & Totem2 could’ve made one a witness to freshly painted freights, brand new productions & handstyles coming to life at there conception (which is no insignificant moment in the American graffiti story.)
This is where my journey began.
Like many others, pictures of the New York City subway era of the 1970’s & 80’s were a map laying out the possibilities.
From the simplest moniker or crude roller to highly stylized productions, there are admirable qualities in each and these were the avenues and alleyways open ahead.
This is the tradition of letter design & as I began to understand this concept consequently I recognized there are some very distant boundaries here yet these borders don’t prevent the form from expanding, but focuses us on the essence of writing graffiti.
This engineering of letters, colors & characters is always a work in progress though at times a slow & meticulous refining, the evolution of personal style continues moving forward.
While nothing of value comes without a cost some of us have spent considerably paying with blood, sweat & time.
Writing on things as trivial as it may seem is for some the foundation supporting a substantial portion of our lives. And so where a man’s time is spent likely is where his heart is.
To be building upon the traditions of the past with new ideas is how we pave the road into the future of this craft and these ideals are what it is for me to be a Letter Arts Disciple.
See ya down the line.
“Establisher” LAD…

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