iPhone Cyber Monday deals live – the best iPhone deals as they appear


The iPhone 12 mini in purple.

(Image credit: Apple)

Want a cheap iPhone, and flexible about which carrier you’re with? Walmart’s offering an iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) for $299 with a carrier locked into Straight Talk. That’s $200 off the normal price.

Cartoon of fox carrying phone

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Mint Mobile in the US has a great limited-time offer on data for iPhone users. New customers who buy an eligible iPhone and bring their number to Mint with a 6-month data plan can get 6 months of data for free. You’ll also benefit from nationwide 5G, and unlimited calls and texts via the T-Mobile network. 

iphone 12

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That Amazon UK offer of £30 off the iPhone 12 (64GB)? Remember how we warned you it was going quick, and you needed to hurry? Well, now it’s gone. Oh well, never mind; it was fun while it lasted.

iPhone 12 mini

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Cyber Monday is almost over in the UK. Which means you have less than 45 minutes if you want to take advantage of Apple’s gift card offer. That entitles you to get a £40 gift card when you buy either iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini or iPhone SE. But the offer ends at midnight, so time’s a-wasting.

AirPods Pro

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Want some AirPods Pro to go with your new iPhone? The best US deal this Cyber Monday is $70 off at Amazon, bringing the price down from $249 to $179. Amazon also has the best deal for the UK; a discount of £54 from £239 to £185

iphone 12

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Amazon UK has a £30 discount on the iPhone 12 (64GB), bringing the price down to £649. But they’re going quickly. The black, purple and red versions are all out of stock. For the blue version, you’ll have to wait one to two months. So that just leaves the white and green models… although we wonder how long they’ll be available too.

Apple iPad Pro 2021

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Looking for Cyber Monday deals on Apple kit in general? Then you may also want to check out our iPad Cyber Monday deals live blog and Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals live blog. It’s our way of bringing the latest deals to you, the moment they’re announced.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max range

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Earlier we mentioned that Currys in the UK has the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 256GB data for £899, cutting £50 off the price. However, it’s now out of stock in blue, gold and silver; only the black version still remains. Might not be long before that one goes too, so don’t wait around too long.

AT&T logo

(Image credit: AT&T)

Want the latest iPhone but short of ready funds? AT&T is offering new and existing customers in the US a free iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, or iPhone 13 Pro after an eligible trade-in, as long as you buy a monthly instalment plan and an unlimited data plan. There’s a widget on their site that will estimate the value of your trade in.

iPhone case

(Image credit: Apple)

Looking for a decent case to protect your iPhone 13 Pro from scratches and drops? Designed by Apple itself, this clear case with MagSafe is thin, light, and easy to grip. Best Buy in the US has it at $40.99, saving you $9.99 on the normal price.

best Apple deals: iPhone 13

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If you buy an iPhone 13 at Walmart right now, you’ll also get a $300 Walmart gift card. The monthly cost is $26.40 per month with Verizon or $22.20 per month with AT&T. But the real draw is that $300 card – that’s Christmas sorted!

Apple gift card

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Right now, if you buy an Apple gift card with £100 or more credit, you’ll get £15 free Amazon credit too. The Apple card can be used to buy anything from iPhones to subscription services directly from Apple. And the £15 Amazon credit can be used for, well, anything. Boom!

And AirPods savings can also be found on Amazon in the US. The brand new 3rd generation AirPods are $10 off, AirPods Pro are $70 off, and 2nd generation AirPods are $44 off. Knowing how popular AirPods are, we have a feeling these deals won’t be sticking around for long. 

Apple AirPods Pro deal

(Image credit: Future/Apple)

There are also big savings to be found when it comes to AirPods. In the UK, Amazon has slashed the price of the AirPods Pro from £239 to £185, a huge saving of £54. The third-generation AirPods are also £10 off at Amazon – not a massive discount, but one of the first we’ve ever seen on the latest AirPods.

iPhone SE

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The iPhone SE is a brilliant option for those on a budget. With an A13 Bionic chip and an awesome camera, it’s super-powerful iPhone in a small package. Right now in the UK, AffordableMobiles is offering £59 off the upfront cost and 40GB per month for the price of 20GB, at £23 a month – down from £59. That’s an incredible saving of £923!


(Image credit: GameStop)

If you’re looking for a truly cheap iPhone deal, it’s always worth checking out deals on refurbished models. In the US, GameStop is offering massive discounts on refurbished iPhones, with savings of up to 50%. 

Apple's iPhone 11 range in a variety of colours.

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Right now, Walmart is offering up to $200 off various iPhone models. If you’re not sure which model you’re after, or you’re not fussy, this is a great place to start looking and save some cash.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max range

(Image credit: Apple)

Right now in the UK, Currys is offering the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 256GB data for £899, a saving of £50. It’s by no means the cheapest iPhone out there, but the camera on this thing is sensational – and for £50 off, it’s a bargain. Maybe. 

Nintendo Switch and iPhone 12

(Image credit: Future/Apple/Nintendo)

Fancy a side of Switch with your smartphone? MobilePhonesDirect is offering a FREE Switch with various smartphone bundles, including the iPhone 11, 12 and 12 mini. Plenty of these deals are available for nothing upfront, with monthly costs starting at £34. If you’re in the market for both a phone and a Switch, this is pretty incredible value.

Mint Mobile has a number of iPhone Cyber Monday offers to check out including 12 months free when you buy a 12-month plan on older iPhones or 3 months free on iPhone 13s. Make sure you select Brand: Apple to see all the iPhone deals and choose the storage you want, it often selects that highest storage option and most people won’t need to pay extra for that. 

Best walmart smartphone iphone se 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

If you can’t live without that home button then Walmart has a stunning deal on the iPhone SE. For just $199 you can get the 2020 version of the iPhone SE prepaid on Walmart Family Mobile. That’s a bargain.

iPhone Xr

(Image credit: Apple)

Alternatively, you can get the iPhone XR it contract-free (but locked to Straight Talk) for $249 or for $299 with T-Mobile’s Walmart Family Mobile at Walmart.

If you want to get an iPhone on the cheap this Cyber Monday then the iPhone XR is the way to go. It might be a few years old now but the XR is still slick and fast and has a great camera to boot. Cricket Wireless is offering it for $49.99 + 3 months at $60 per month which comes to a wallet-friendly $230 total.

iPhone MagSafe charger

(Image credit: Apple)

As well as iPhones themselves, there are plenty of deals to be found on iPhone accessories. If you’re rocking an iPhone 12 or 13, you can take advantage of the new magnetic MagSafe charger, which is now down from $39 to $29 on Amazon

iPhone 12

(Image credit: Apple)

Over at Amazon, the brilliant iPhone 12 has a £30 discount, slashing the price down to £649. Considering what a modest upgrade the 13 offers over the 12 (slightly bigger battery, slightly smaller notch), the 12 is still well worth your time.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

(Image credit: Apple)

Three is currently offering an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the first 6 months half price, knocking the price down from £76 to £38 per month. That’s a total saving of £228 over 24 months, which is pretty substantial – especially for the most powerful iPhone money can currently buy. 

best iPhone 13 deals

(Image credit: Apple/Future)

In the UK, EE is offering the brand new iPhone 13 with 128GB storage and 40GB data for £51 a month, down from £57. That’s a saving of £144 over 24 months. (Why not get yourself a pair of AirPods with the extra cash?) 

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max range.

(Image credit: Apple)

If you want the biggest and best iPhone available, T-Mobile is offering a whopping $1000 off the iPhone 13 Pro Max with Magenta Max (the network’s unlimited 5G plan). You can also get up to $130 off AirPods too. Boom. 

iPhone 12 Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

In the UK, Currys has a number of offers on our favourite smartphone, where you can save £100 on selected iPhone bundles. If you wanted to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, for example, then it’d set you back from £32.61 per month, or £849 if you want to buy it outright. We have the iPhone 12 Pro and can vouch for its excellence. 

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