Shake Hats Beats Is A FREE Sample Pack By One Man Tribe

One Man Tribe releases Shake Hats Beats as a FREE download for Bedroom Producers Blog readers.

Shake Hats Beats is One Man Tribe’s exclusive Cyber Monday freebie for Bedroom Producers Blog readers. The sample pack contains 120 percussion loops and 60 one-shots in WAV format.

Here’s more info about the sample pack:

“After years of researching the traditional drumming of Senegal, I needed an instrument that will produce high frequencies with a massive presence, in addition to the mid-low frequencies I was naturally able to produce with traditional West African drums that I assembled into my custom Senegalese drum set.

Eventually, I came up with the Shake Hat which is a powerful percussion instrument, my signature sound, known in the global world-percussion community.

After years of using it for my solo show called One Man Tribe, I developed a design that I could offer for other drummers and percussionists. Forming my boutique percussion samples label also called One Man Tribe, I decided to create a sample pack focusing on the Shake Hat as the main inspiration, offering producers the Shake Hat’s sound for the first time in a musical context.

The pack’s structure consists of ten folders, each representing a different beat, recorded with a hybrid drum kit, using a deep Brazilian Alfaia drum as a kick drum and other percussion instruments for extra layering and textures including the Shake Hat.

Especially for this collaboration, in addition to the usual loops, you can find a sub-folder for each beat containing the drum kit parts as multi-tracks for your own processing and mixing.

For a little extra spice, an analog FX layer played through a Roland Space Echo RE-201 is included as an independent layer for your mixing flexibility. Going even further, you can find full beats mixed with the FX layer I produced myself.”

Check out the video below to hear the sounds in action.

You can download Shake Hats Beats from the One Man Tribe website. Many thanks to One Man Tribe for this with BPB readers!

Download: Shake Hat Beats

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