I started doing graff in East London (UK) back in 1983 originally writing Polo 2, this came from eating too many of the damn things. By 86 I changed my tag to what felt was right – namely ‘URGE’ up until 88-89 & then back on the scene since 2007.

It’s good to say that I was one of the original skool of East London graffiti writers feeling my way through the dark on how to do this shit.
Pieces are my thing, yeah, I dabbled as a kid getting up bombing but my focus was always to spend time on something rather than trash everything. I was spraying characters faces on walls before I even put my tag up.
I just paint for my own satisfaction and to have a good day with my mates,
Thankfully we’ve got a great network of writers here.

I like to bosh stuff out in a day and see what happens, sometimes it half works and others I totally screw it up! – if I’m honest, at times it’s a fucking mental battle with myself to get the thing done but good to push yourself right?

As for describing my style, pretty simple, traditional with my own Urge take on things, it’s got ta flow & move right (in my mind anyway) – I guess old shit with some new spinz.

To see more, check out URGE on Flickr and Instagram