Hong Kong Underground Electronic Music Show

HK-based reader Arne Venema let us know about CFK Radio, a new underground music show, produced by the Crazy From Kong (CFK) collective.

The show pairs electronic music tracks from around the world with ‘neon soaked’ visuals of Hong Kong.

“For the show, we get tracks sent in from underground artists and build a show around it with two cyberpunk-like hosts,” notes Venema. “We produce music videos for each track we play (we all work in the media industry) and put out every episode primarily on YouTube, making it an audio visual experience.”

“We are doing it to promote acid house, jungle, Detroit techno, glitch, vaporwave, IDM etc, because we feel those genres aren’t getting enough attention vs the more commercial EDM stuff.

Join Hype Robot and Joe Logo as they travel through the neon soaked city of Hong Kong, while listening to cutting edge underground tracks.”

CFK Radio Transmission 1 Track Listing:

Project Soda – Shift State
Danny Le Vrai – Grand Prix (Radio Edit)
Raxa – Sudden Philosopher (Radio Edit)
Lantern Festival – Tiger Blud
Joelectrick – Meteor
Auxpulse – Transgressive
Mefaun – Firefly Rice
X24R – Tea
Mellow Lync X – Night Waves
Canyon Crows – Vamp
Gokei – Tokyo Calling

CFK is sharing the shows via their Youtube channel.