Wany – I was born in a disgraced city in southern Italy and I got into Hip Hop culture and started painting my first walls in the summer of 1990 when I was only 12 years old and I never stopped, not even when I had some legal problems. My initial fucus was Puppet, which over the years led me to do a lot of work right from the start and over time to become a point of reference in that area in different artistic disciplines in Italy and abroad. My love for lettering is another story… In this case, I don’t know if art has anything to do with it… For me, it is a stylistic rather than continuous artistic research. In 31 years there has been a lot of experimentation and study, a return to classic hypostations to remodel them with new concepts and techniques. the freshness of the sign and the hand style are all additional steps. In “Style Writing” the most important thing is the letters, so even chrome and black is ok, but if you can also use colour sketches, you have hand style, effect skillz and you can make puppets and backgrounds… Well! Touching all aspects of writing and being comlete is the best thing. I like do a Burner Master, I think it is much better to show what you can do! There were years when I wrote a lot illegally, so I was trying to simplify, but in the last years I’m trying to make things more complex and articulated with letter structures that work even if they are broken.

Now I live in the south east of Milan in Italy. I have my studio “The Amazing Art” where I create my gadgets, work on canvas for upcoming solo and group exhibitions and large wall projects as well as my Hip Hop culture event “Amazing Day” which in 2022, precisely on 1,2,3 June will be in its fifteenth edition. Follow the FB page: AMAZING DAY Event since 2006

In 2020 I published the book “Amazing Day” about this project, for the publisher Whole Train Press, and now I am working on my monographic book that will be published in December 2022. Stay tuned to www.theamazingart.com

There are a lot of good artists out there today, but my points of reference remain more or less the same.

I really appreciate seeing subway works from the past, which still move me today, but also walls from the European 80s, 90s or contemporary art exhibitions. I was lucky enough to meet Phase2 here in Italy several times and talk about his complex concepts of letters. I had the honour to paint with Dare and meet TWS who still remain for me the turning point crew for style here in the old continent, see Swet and Toast. Then there are my crews PDB, PUF here in Italy and HA world wide who are of continuous inspiration to me.

I wanted to say goodbye and remember some important friends that we have lost in the last few years so I will always carry their names high and in my heart: Treze, Norm, Ryo, Deam, Repo, Dare, and Phase2.
“the body disappears consumed by time but the name remains written in history, forever.”


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