Befaco Noise Plethora A Multitimbral ‘Noise Monster’ For Eurorack Synthesizers

Befaco has introduced the Noise Plethora, a multitimbral ‘noise monster’ in 14HP.

The module consists of three digital sound generators, followed by three analog multimode filters. This combination makes it easy to sculpt different textures and noises and play with them intuitively and musically.

The first two channels let you choose from dozens of different algorithms and can be controlled dynamically by two CVs controls. The third channel has three independent outs: Gritty noise to create crispy and crackling sound landscapes, White noise, and a filtered version of either of the two.


  • Two digital noise channels based on different algorithm banks.
  • Two CV controlled parameters per algorithm.
  • Analog Multimode Filter per channel (OTA based)
  • White and Granular Noise dedicated outputs.

Pricing and Availability

The Noise Plethora is available as a kit for €254.10 or assembled for €356.95. Prices include tax.