Retro Sequencing With The First MIDI Sequencers Of Roland, Yamaha & Korg

In this video, synthesist Espen Kraft takes a look at retro sequencing, with the first MIDI sequencers of Roland, Yamaha & Korg.

These were some of the first MIDI sequencers made:

  • Roland MSQ-700 from 1983/1984;
  • Yamaha QX1 from 1984; and
  • Korg SQD-1 from 1985.

“They are very different in both design, functionality and power,” notes Kraft, “but they were the first MIDI sequencer these three companies did.”

Roland MSQ-700:

Yamaha QX1:

Korg SQD-1:

If you’ve used one of these old-school sequencers, share your thoughts on them in the comments!