Arturia PolyBrute v2.0 Adds New Effects, Synthesis & Performance Options

Arturia has released PolyBrute v2.0 firmware, a major update that adds new effects, user control of the synth’s accuracy, a Chord Mode and more.

The free update is the first major update to to Arturia’s flagship polyphonic synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in PolyBrute V2.0:

  • New EQ & Ensemble Effects – Shape the final stage of your patch with one of 7 EQ shapes in a new 4th FX slot, and expand & enrich PolyBrute’s stereo field with a 3-delay Ensemble effect inspired by vintage studio gear.
  • Synth Accuracy – Inject further degrees of imperfection and randomness to parameters beyond pitch; adjust the accuracy of controls like OSC pulse width, filter settings, unquantized LFO rate and more for a humanized feel.
  • Chord Mode – PolyBrute now incorporates our instant-access Chord mode for playing chords with a single note on the keyboard. Simply hold ‘Polyphony’ and play up to 6 notes to set your chord voicing.
  • Duophonic Aftertouch – PolyBrute’s aftertouch expressivity can now be tailored to suit your performance style. Configure Aftertouch to only apply to the last note or group of notes you press, leaving previously held notes unchanged.
  • LFO 3 Curve Enhancements – Set PolyBrute’s third LFO curve to respond differently for further modulation control within your patch. Rise or fall, exponential or logarithmic, the shape of this LFO is entirely yours to mold.
  • Real-time Display Feedback – PolyBrute’s screen now displays parameter names and values in real-time, so you can focus better on your patch and stay on top of every little sonic tweak.

PolyBrute v2.0 is available now as a free download from the Arturia site.