BPB DEAL: denise “The Sweeper” Resonant Filter Plugin (€5.99)

denise offers an exclusive €5.99 deal on The Sweeper (€29 value) filter VST plugin for all BPB readers until December 20th, 2021.

The Sweeper is a dynamic resonant filter that you can use creatively in various ways.

The Sweeper is also a forgettable movie starring 80s poster boy C. Thomas Howell as a short-tempered LA cop who doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to justice. I know what you’re thinking, forget the plugin, buy the DVD, right? Don’t do it; no matter how tempting I’ve made it sound, stick with the plugin.

Until December 20th, 2021, BPB readers can get The Sweeper for the discounted price of €5.99 (excluding VAT) by using the coupon code BPBTS75 at checkout.

The Sweeper looks like any other denise plugin in the sense that it has a simple but very functional GUI. It provides plenty of visual feedback so you can see exactly how the filter is responding at all times.

The filter can switch between LPF and HPF, and you can adjust the slope between 12db, 24db, 36db, and 48db per octave. The greater the slope, the more prominent or severe the filter sweep effect is.

Two dots on the interactive graph define the start (white) and end (yellow) frequencies. As you slide the dots to adjust your settings, you can see the cutoff moving from the start towards the end. That leads to one of my favorite features, the Flip switch that reverses the direction of the cutoff to go from end to start.

You can further shape your filter sweep with the Bias control that adjusts the depth. Adjusting the depth of the sweep determines how close to the end frequencies it gets.

The Sweeper has another very cool feature, which is the Side Chain option that lets you use another track (kick drum, and so on) to trigger the filter. It adds another layer of creative use and offers a different approach.

The Sweeper isn’t the only denise plugin to include the Side Chain option; check out poltergate that we covered recently.

The remaining controls are pretty straightforward, starting with Input and Output levels. You also have Resonance control to add a touch more color when needed.

Lastly, you have Envelope controls for attack and Release. These controls determine how quickly the cutoff moves to and returns from the endpoint.

The Sweeper is a creative and easy-to-use plugin that could be very useful to anyone, especially electronic music producers.

The Sweeper is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS ( 10.7 and higher) and Windows 7 or newer.

More info: The Sweeper (use coupon code BPBTS75 to get the plugin for €5.99)

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