Get remote access to your PC with exclusive deal: save 95 per cent!

If you divide your working day between the office and home, remotely accessing a PC will be essential to a seamless working day. And if you’re looking for a trusted remote access software, we’ve got a brilliant – and exclusive – offer for Creative Bloq readers. Get a year’s subscription to RemotePC, so you can access up to 10 PCs or Macs, and save a whopping 95% on the price. That’s $2.98 instead of $59.50 for the year. It’s not even remotely a bad deal! 

At this accessible price point, the offer is perfect for both businesses and individual freelancers. A RemotePC subscription will offer fast and secure access to up to 10 computers (either PCs or Macs), making it a very modern solution to the very modern situation. With so many of us reducing the amount of commuting we do, and increasing remote working, it’s a deal that every creative could benefit from. 

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