Brian Eno Turntable Looks Amazing, Costs £20K

The Paul Stolper Gallery has announced a limited-edition luminescent art turntable, designed by ambient music pioneer, producer and artist Brian Eno.

The turntable is in the vein of Eno’s light boxes, light installations and early ambient music, which explore using simple systems to create constantly changing results. It is made of translucent white acrylic, with integrated LEDs that change color independently.

Eno’s interest in illuminated light box art dates back to 1968, when many artists were working in the areas of op art and installations. The cover to his 1973 collaboration with Robert Fripp, No Pussyfooting, features the duo in a mirrored infinity chamber. While best known for his work in music, Eno has for decades also created generative visual art installations, using approaches similar to the systems he used to create his early ambient albums Discreet Music and Music For Airports.

Priced at £20K, Eno’s is less a turntable for spinning tunes than one of his light box art pieces in the form of a turntable.

Details are available at the Paul Stolper Gallery.