Why Modular Synths & Loopers Are A Great Combination

In his latest video, Alex Theakston of Mylar Melodies takes an in-depth look at why modular synths and loopers can be a great combination.

Cost has always been one of the main barriers to musicians playing and performing live with modular synthesizers. Most styles of music rely on having multiple independent voices and doing this with synth modules can quickly get cost-prohibitive for a lot of musicians.

Lots of styles of electronic music also are built on repetitive patterns, though, which is where loopers can come in. If your music uses repeating patterns, you can capture loops and then immediately repurpose the synth voice or modules to create additional parts.

In the video, Theakston covers why loopers can complement a modular system so well, discusses building a compact system with looping in mind and demonstrates how to use a looper with your modular synth.

Topics covered:

00:00 Hello/Intro Jam
02:10 What the looper means for modular users.
04:08 How does the looper sync?
05:24 How I’m Making Drums: Noise Plethora etc
08:44 Power of the Befaco Percall
09:08 One Weird Trick for Quantising Drum Hits
12:29 How Looping a Modular Actually Works
18:45 Gosh, this is like my big system, but small.
19:39 Other Loopers to Consider: eg Endlesss
21:02 What isn’t good about this system right now?
22:43 How I’m Making Melodies: Voice/Sequencer
23:25 A Quick Demo of the Eventides
26:13 The Turing Machine/Routing Tricks
30:25 Pointeuse for 16th Note Triggers/More Routing
32:07 There’s a Moral Emerging Here.
35:18 My Kingdom For a Looper: Outro Jam

Check out the video and share you thoughts on it in the comments!